Review: Prana ON Protein Plus A Protein Bites Recipe

vegan protein aquafaba bites

Protein powders: one of those things I’ve personally had a love-hate relationship with over the years! Love, because I find them so useful when I need to meet my protein requirements when, for instance, I have a personal health or fitness goal. The hate part… well, so many protein powders I’ve bought in the past just tasted plain awful or overpowering. Then I’d be stuck with the packet until it finished, suffering through one chalky tasting smoothie after another. Thankfully, I now have Prana ON to save me from all that!

Prana Organic Nutrition (Prana ON) are an Australian based company that have created a plant based wholefood product range to complement health and fitness goals. The range includes:

Power Plant Protein – a natural protein supplement with added amino acids and digestive enzymes

Intra Strength – a natural BCAA formula to support endurance, recovery and repair

Phyto Fire Protein – a thermogenic and metabolic boosting plant protein, containing ingredients that assist with weight management, appetite control and body fat loss

Natural Mass – supports the growth of lean mass (and it’s gluten free!). Over 60g of organic alkaline plant protein per serve

Super Greens – a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with added digestive enzymes

I visited the Prana ON stall at the Arnold Classic in Melbourne, back in March. Yes, I tried every single sample and next on my list is the Intra Strength in Blood Orange:

Prana ON products Prana ON products

For more information on the products and ordering info, head over to Prana ON’s website. You can also follow Prana ON on Facebook or Instagram. I’ve ordered via the website and my parcels were delivered quickly.

I must admit I’m not very creative when it comes to making up recipes with protein powders. I’ve seen some beautiful recipes that Prana ON fans have made. Most of the time I use a protein powder in a smoothie– not very imaginative! But really, I see it as a testament to how much I like the products and how I prefer to use them. Prana ON is also the first protein powder I’ve been able to take to the gym, add water to my shaker bottle, and chug it down no problems after a workout. Yes, I was once that person in the gym, holding my nose trying to force down some tasteless chalky powder water mix…

I use the Power Plant Protein and my favourite flavours are the Coconut Milk, Vanilla Creme and the Rich Chocolate. I’ll always have a banana in my smoothies (no matter what!) and with Prana ON I don’t have to add some kind of sweetener like dates (I had to do this with other protein powders) as they’re sweet enough on their own.

blueberry protein smoothie

The most creative I got was making a smoothie bowl based on the flavours often used in my family’s Greek sweets. Here’s a smoothie made with banana, oats, orange juice, lemon juice, coconut water, cinnamon and Prana ON vanilla creme protein, topped with chopped walnuts (rose petals courtesy of a seven year old stylist):


Another favourite product of mine is the Super Greens mint flavour. I love mint and the Super Greens was great for when I was sick recently. I couldn’t stomach much in the way of food, so I was adding Super Greens to my juices. The Super Greens are made with spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, wheat grass and barley grass. Next time I make nicecream, I’ll add some Super Greens.

Now that I’ve been experimenting a fair bit using aquafaba (the name given to the leftover liquid used when cooking beans, chickpeas or lentils) I decided to make some protein balls. I follow a high carb low fat diet as my main goal is to lose body fat. This has been going really well but I didn’t want to make protein balls containing things like nut butters or coconut oil or maple syrup or other sugary or fat ingredients found in a lot of protein ball recipes for the liquid element. Certainly, the protein balls/bites/bars recipes I used to make in the past contained a lot of those things. Also, I do have a bit of a problem with stopping at one or two, so when I’d make say peanut butter almond protein balls in the past, I’d go through them waaaay too quickly, which would have put my well over my fat intake had I been watching my macros!

This time I wanted to keep the fats low as possible, so adding oils or nut butters wasn’t an option. I know I could use banana or apple sauce but mehhhh… I have bananas and apples a fair bit and don’t like the taste of those in protein bites. Instead I added the liquid from a can of organic chickpeas to bind everything together. No chickpea-y taste! As Prana ON is already on the sweeter side, I didn’t need too much in the way of dates. Success! Here’s the recipe, though of course you can add things, swap things around, whatever you like.

* I made this recipe specifically for Prana ON Power Plant Protein, taking the sweetness of the powder in to consideration.

Prana ON Aquafaba Protein Bites by Veganopoulous

– 2 scoops of Prana ON protein powder (I used Rich Chocolate)

– 1 cup of buckwheat groats

– 1/3 cup oats

– 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

– 9 Tablespoons aquafaba (I used liquid from canned chickpeas)

– 4 pitted Medjool dates, soaked a little beforehand

In a blender, grind up the buckwheat, oats and pumpkin seeds to make a flour.

Add in the aquafaba and dates. Blend it all up, roll in to balls and you’re done!

10 thoughts on “Review: Prana ON Protein Plus A Protein Bites Recipe

  1. I love Prana On, coconut milk is my favorite. This looks like a great recipe, I also don’t like how many protein ball recipes are high fat as well. Using aquafaba is genius!

    • When I went through all my protein ball recipes they all seemed to have coconut oil, nuts or loads of maple syrup. The lower fat/lower sugar recipes often had banana and as much as I love bananas, I don’t really want them in my protein balls because I don’t like the taste after they’ve been in the freezer a while. So aquafaba worked really well here!

  2. I’ve actually never bought or really explored protein powders, mostly because they all seem off putting with complex ingredient lists and expensive prices. It’s nice to know there’s a brand that at least tastes good and I love the sound of your protein balls and the extra use for chickpea liquid!

  3. Thanks for the recipe and for the great site! Just wondering how you have been going with the high carb, low fat macro combination for fat loss? I’ve been doing the opposite (ie High fat and low carb) and have successfully lost 34kg – I’m almost at the right BMI, but I’m wanting to switch focus from the number I see on the scale (important for me previously) to now my overall fat/muscle ratio. Just curious to know how the High carb has been working? p.s. I love Prana ON too – I’ve just bought all of their trial packs and am getting through them all.

    • WOW 34kg is amazing!!! Congrats! The HCLF has been working really well for me personally. I don’t weigh myself as the two bathroom scales I had were rubbish but I’ve dropped two dress sizes in about a year– would have been more if I’d stuck to my plan 100%! I have a fair bit of body fat left to lose and I’m back to full HCLF (with a ‘cheat’ meal a week though that’s only if I go out somewhere). I exercise too but over winter I didn’t go out as much so that slowed progress a bit. I love Prana ON, especially the coconut milk flavour 😀

  4. Prana on protein powder is better tasting but are the ingredients really organic? I have tried to get a response from the company clarifying their organic status without any reply. Untill I understand their organic status ie the ingredients come from an organically certified farm then I can’t believe what they are saying on their web site and packaging.

    • Sorry to hear you didn’t get a reply– they’re usually quite good with responding to customer queries I’ve found. Hope you get an answer soon!