Krishna On Barkly, Footscray

Krishna On Barkly, Footscray

Tonight I finally got to visit Krishna on Barkly, an Indian restaurant in West Footscray that have recently removed all meat from their menu. The menu now states “all food is egg and peanut free. Most curries can be made dairy free, please specify when ordering if you are vegan or are allergic to dairy products. We use coconut cream for dishes”. Menu items are marked D (dairy free), G (gluten free) or V (vegan). It’s great that the vegetarian options can be made vegan. Awesome!

I met up with family tonight and we decided to head to Krishna to pick up some take-away (take-out). It was tough work deciding what to get! We settled for the spinach kofta ($9.95), vegetable korma ($9.99), onion kulcha ($3.00), a heap of naan ($1.50 each), saffron rice ($3.50) and some gulab jamun ($2.00 each).

Please forgive the photos, snapping pics of take-away (when everyone is hungry and waiting) isn’t something I was going to spend loads of time on! I’d love to return to eat at the restaurant and take better photos as I really feel I am not doing Krishna justice here. We all enjoyed our food, though I screwed up and wasn’t clear when ordering a third main dish because when we got home it wasn’t in the bag and we hadn’t paid for it. Next time, pumpkin masala!. Still, we were so full with what we ordered. When we placed our order we were asked if we wanted the food mild or medium, we opted for mild. I was also impressed with the level of detail I was given when being told about how the vegan options would be prepared.

I loved that these weren’t really oily dishes. The korma was great with the coconut cream and the spinach kofta was incredibly filling and my favourite:

Krishna On Barkly, Footscray

Vegan gulab jamun!!! These were sooo good. So happy we can get these vegan now! I was told that the carrot halva and icecream were also vegan:

Krishna On Barkly, Footscray

After hearing many positive reviews from other vegans who have visited, and reviews by Where’s The Beef? I was confident I would enjoy my meals. Service was very friendly and I was happy to hear that since going meat free about four or five months ago, Krishna have been busy!

Krishna On Barkly, Footscray

Krishna Indian Restaurant (also called Krishna Pait Pooja on advertising material) provide catering, delivery (fee $4) and ordering online. The restaurant is BYO (wine only) and have some meal deal specials (check the menu when you order). If I lived nearby I’d be ordering all the time!


Krishna On Barkly

Shop 3/578 Barkly Street

West Footscray

Closed Monday


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    • yep! I wish I was in that area more often, it’s good to have a place that serves good food like this and friendly helpful service!