Dinner At Transformer, Fitzroy

Transformer, Fitzroy

I visited Transformer for dinner about two weeks ago to catch up with a friend who was visiting from out of town. Located in Fitzroy near other popular vegan and vegetarian eateries, Transformer offers an elegant, mock-meat free vegetarian and vegan dining experience from the owners of Vegie Bar and Rice Queen.

I was the first to arrive and took my time checking out the interior. I love the space inside: exposed brick, recycled timber, lots of greenery, brass fittings and high ceilings as shown in the top pic. In the past the building was a factory that produced electrical transformers. My apologies, I only had my phone camera to take photos with that night!

Although we were aware the plates are designed to be shared, there was still a bit of a mix up at our table. Two of us ordered the smoked tofu and pickled ginger brochette with dried miso ($4.50 each), but when the dish came out we were under the impression the two skewers were for one person only. No smoked tofu for me unfortunately! Never mind, I still had the spelt and seed steamed bun with crispy organic tofu, pickled cucumber and gojuchang mayo ($7 each). The tofu was lovely and crisp and the mayo packed a nice little punch:

Transformer, Fitzroy

Someone ordered the roasted sweet potato, togarashi with coconut yoghurt and lime ($12) and I got to have a taste. I loved this and immediately began taking mental notes about recreating this at home:

Transformer, Fitzroy

Not shown is the vegan option of the freekeh, quinoa, kamut, Mt. Byron lentils, barberries and hemp seed ($14). This was my favourite of the night but by the time I got to try some it was almost finished and not exactly good photo material!

I’m not really one to order a chocolate dessert but the only option for me that night was a chocolate brownie with hazelnut cream– unfortunately I can’t remember the exact details of everything on the plate but I do remember it was rich and overall pretty great.  For a non-lover of rich chocolate desserts, I’d order this again:

Transformer, Fitzroy

Service was really good, we’d had a bit of a numbers issue with our group (more people had decided to join us after the initial booking was made) and the staff did their best to accommodate us and everything worked out well. This was on a Wednesday night though, I don’t think we would have had much of a chance on a Friday or Saturday.

I’m looking forward to visiting again and trying out all the available vegan options. Although the plates are designed to share, half our party decided that some of the smaller dishes don’t lend themselves as well to being shared and you may as well order one dish for yourself. I’d probably order some for myself yes, but other dishes like the roasted sweet potato (shown above) are fine to share. For a peek at more of the dishes and drinks available, read the review by Where’s The Beef?.

Transformer, Fitzroy


97-99 Rose Street


http://www.transformerfitzroy.com/  to book online

https://www.facebook.com/transformerfitzroy  for more information


17 thoughts on “Dinner At Transformer, Fitzroy

  1. Haven’t been here yet but my friends love the sweet potatoes dish. I’ve seen more of the vegetarian dishes, good to see some of the vegan ones.

  2. I agree that some of the plates are actually quite awkward for sharing, even though Transformer insist that’s what they’re designed for!

    It’s interesting to hear some more opinions about this place. I have a few friends who were really unimpressed – dishes too small, fancy for the sake of fancy, that kinda thing. I really liked my one visit, we’re hoping to go back for brunch sometime.

    • I’ve been hearing some mixed thoughts too, I think I just have to go back again to check everything else out 😀

  3. I thought Transformer was kind of a weird name for a restaurant till you explained it was an electrical plant in it’s past. I love the bare bones of buildings too, especially old structures that have beautiful timbers, why hide them? It all looks delicious too!

    • same here, I love old features being highlighted. I never knew about the Transformer name and kept singing the cartoon song in my head but now the name makes sense 😛

  4. I’m looking forward to trying this place. It looks gorgeous. I was hoping to convince my husband to go there for his birthday this month, but he chose WesleyAnne and Seamstress (he gets two nights out). I should’ve just booked Transformer for him, as a surprise! 🙂