Many Weeks In Review

cat Twister

Here’s another heavily belated ‘week in review’… the last one I did was many weeks ago. Up there we have another thwarted attempt to break out a game.

My sister has moved house and now lives about an hour drive out of Melbourne. So much green and awesome views:

country home viewcountry home view

Noticing lots of these at the playground:

park toadstools

Arthur and I went to see Video Games Live. We both really enjoyed it, the orchestra and choir were great:

video games live

We took Arthur and DeeW to a Zirka Circus performance. Look at the speed-of-light performer about to jump through that big hoop:

Zirka circus

Articles and Interesting Stuff

Brisbane’s Institute of Culinary Excellence offers first vegan Certificate II in hospitality

– Podcast: The NFL’s David Carter on How A Plant-based Diet Made Him A Better Player & A Better Human

– this one is from April 2015: Dogs Given New Legal Status As Sentient Beings in France

– I’ve seen many discussions in vegan circles about service animals such as guide dogs. It’s always interesting to see the different points of view. Here’s an article about a school that uses a golden retriever to assist children living with difficult circumstances: What If Schools Hired Dogs As Therapists?

I’ll leave it there for now otherwise I won’t hit publish. Hope your week has been a great one, with a better week to follow!

8 thoughts on “Many Weeks In Review

  1. Your sister lives in a beautiful area, kangaroos!!!! I misses out on Video Games Live but heard it was really great so I’ll make more of an effort next time 🙂

    • I’ve asked my sister to hurry up with the guest bedroom 🙂 Video Games Live was great, I wish they’d played the Super Mario theme but oh well!

  2. Your cat reminds me of my black lab, Bronte. She would never let me exercise. She was always hanging right over my face. I am not sure if my current dogs would do it, because I do not exercise anymore. Problem solved, ha ha. And your cat is practically as big as my smaller dog, Ace!

    Love the views!

    • I have the exercise problem here too! Or when I put on my shoes the cat jump all over the laces. But we do this thing where we (humans) run through the house to the other end, then the cats come and run really fast to chase us, bwahaha!

    • heh yes I love the colour too– I always thought ginger cats were the least likely to be adopted but turns out that black cats are the least likely!

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