In My Kitchen, August 2015

Here’s a look at the various bits, pieces and munchies that have been floating around my kitchen lately. I’m linking up with Fig Jam And Lime Cordial for the monthly In My Kitchen Series. It’s not vegan specific so there are non-vegan blogs participating but anyone can join in and link up.

I visited The Source Bulk Foods in Brunswick to get a few things (raw cacao, cinnamon and nutritional yeast). Aaaaand I walked out with a heap of stuff. Cacao nibs, which I haven’t had in ages; colourful veggie chips (I loved these, the kids didn’t. Argh!) and almond crisps.

source foods buys

In My Kitchen I have a lot of tea. I like tea in pretty packaging, though I don’t often buy it. I found this Madame Flavour mint and lavender tea in the bargain rack section of a supermarket where it was about 80% off the full price:

madame flavour tea

(No longer In My Kitchen *cough*) I bought some Zebra Dream salted caramel coconut ice cream as a treat for the family when we had an apple pie night. Zebra Dream is Australian made and I’ve yet to try a flavour I don’t like. It tends to disappear quite quickly too…

zebra dream ice cream

In My Kitchen are these chocolate bars by Cocoa Rhapsody, based in Melbourne. I received these as a gift for my birthday:

Cocoa Rhapsody chocolate

Cocoa Rhapsody chocolate

In My Kitchen are some native spices:

native spices native spices

I’m cheating a bit here because this isn’t in my kitchen, but I’ve been taking my lunch to the back room of our house (the sunroom) and here’s some of the view. I have a rosemary plant which survives against the odds, no matter how much I look after all the other mixed herbs they end up dying. Not the rosemary:

pergola rosemary

To participate in the In My Kitchen series this month, head over to Celia’s August In My Kitchen post (veg*n heads-up: there are images of animal products). For this month, leave your blog link in the comments of Celia’s August In My Kitchen post so others can come to your blog!

28 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, August 2015

  1. i meant to go to bulk foods on the weekend when we were at wilson ave but I forgot and ended up at st vinnies instead! are those almond crisps savoury – they look really interesting! Love cocoa rhapsody and all your fancy spices (I have been using up some Indigenous spices I have had forever) And I sometimes boast that I lived in a student house where we killed the rosemary but I think my house mate had a vendetta against it and had to make some effort

    • ha! Some evil must have happened to kill off the rosemary! The almond crisps are savoury. There’s so much good stuff there, I bought some cinnamon which smells nothing like the supermarket variety!

  2. Faye, I like vegetable crisps (particularly sweet potato and beet) and yours look delicious. I’m also wishing we had a “Herbie’s” in the U.S.! Salted caramel coconut ice cream sounds wonderful on apple pie — and those chocolate bars… mmm. Glad your rosemary bush is surviving against all odds! 🙂

  3. I’m a fan of Herbies Spices but hadn’t realised their range includes native spices. I’m looking forward to trying them. The almond crisps and yes, even the colour veggie crisps look wonderful. Will plan a trip to The Source Bulk Foods in Brunswick next time I visit my sister in Melbourne.

    • There’s another Source Bulk Foods in Prahran– if you get there, check out Prahran Convenience which is nearby. It’s awesome!

  4. I am curious and want to try the almond crisps. Wow, you have a lot of choc in your kitchen, My husband would be envious and rubbing his shoulder next to yours (teasing) and those spices have me really really interested.

    • ohhhh would you believe it if I told you my husband bought a little cheapie wine fridge to store all his chocolate?

  5. Oh gosh! Those chocolates! I completely understand coming away with more items than intended when visiting vegan stores. I also completely understand that ice cream not lasting long – I hadn’t seen the brand / flavour before but it looks delicious.

    • I never ever eat icecream in a bowl and tend to just take a spoonful from the tub and eat ‘a little bit’. Except I keep going back for more and end up running out of spoons.

  6. I love verge chips. Luckily, no one else in my house does, so I get them all to myself (is that lucky? I don’t know…).

    Also, salted caramel ANYTHING!!! That ice-cream looks so good 🙂

    • ha yes, I love coconut too so any coconut based ice cream disappears quickly! Fortunately half the family don’t like coconut 😉