Vegan Food Options At The Queen Victoria Night Market 2015

at Queen Victoria Night Market

Tonight I headed down to the Queen Vic for the winter night market. I went last year and wanted to check it out again this year to see if there were more, or less, vegan food options. I can tell you I walked away pretty much pleased (and full… all in the name of blog research, you understand)!

Following is my review and some info on the food stalls, but please make sure to confirm with a stall yourself before purchasing! There were a couple of stalls that were a little hesitant when I asked if a dish was vegan before saying yes. Other stalls could tell me straight away if something was vegan and what they put in it, which is what I want to hear as both a vegan and dairy intolerant person!

I’d also advise getting there at the opening time of 5pm if you can. At this time hardly anyone was around, though by the time I left at 8pm it was packed.

Lankan Pots Drums Cafe at Queen Victoria Night Market

My first stop was at Lankan Pots. Sri Lankan food plus ‘vegan’ written on the menu board equals awesome! I was so glad to get there early because I was chatting to the staff about the vegan curry pouches. A foil pocket is filled with all manner of veggies, soy protein (mock meat) and what turned out to be an incredibly flavourful curry sauce. The pouch sits on some saffron rice and I tipped out the contents and got stuck in to it all. This was so good that when I go back, I’ll get it again and break my own rule of not trying the same thing twice in a row. I’d also like to thank Lankan Pots as my meal was given to me at no cost.

Lankan Pots also serve other dishes with a vegan option. The chickpeas looked great and I’ll grab those next time as well. If you can’t make it to the night market, check out Drums Cafe at the Queen Vic food court.


Last year I bought a lot of fudge from The Decadent Desserts Company. They were gifts for others but ah, I kinda ate them all. Tonight I headed straight to Decadent Dessert’s stall and bought a few more ‘gifts’. I a lucky recipient will receive salted caramel fudge, vanilla and macadamia fudge and pomegranate pistachio fudge. All the products are vegan and gluten free. I also got to try a cup of the hot chocolate which was beautiful and perfect for how cold it was tonight. Many thanks to the Decadent Desserts Co for giving me the hot chocolate on the house. If you’re going to World Vegan Day Melbourne on November 1st, be sure to look for the Decadent Desserts stall.

The Decadent Desserts Co at Queen Victoria Night Market

I read about Those Girls and their hot apple cider and made sure to pay them a visit. When I went to the US in the mid 90s, my friends there were always drinking hot apple cider (which pretty much consisted of heating it up in the microwave). There was a bit of a queue by this time but very much worth the wait. I’ll be keeping an eye on the Those Girls Facebook page to see where they’ll be next, so I can get (loads) more.

Those Girls at Queen Victoria Night Market

Husband loves bretzels so I stopped by the Bretzel Biz cart. The salted bretzel is vegan:

Bretzel Biz at Queen Victoria Night Market

I had planned on buying some cassava hot chips from the Cassava Chip Man but I was a little full and decided to keep these for next time for my tram ride home. I was given a sample and the chips were great, much more oomph and substance than hot potato chips!

Cassava Chip Man at Queen Victoria Night Market

The Auto Rickshaw staff told me their chickpea masala on rice is vegan:

Auto Rickshaw at Queen Victoria Night Market

Chooh La La were there, handing out samples of nuts. Hopefully they’ll be at World Vegan Day again because I love them:Chooh La La at Queen Victoria Night Market

The Hawaiian Grill stand have a vegetarian option on their menu display and told me it was vegan. Sounds awesome!

Hawaiian Grill at Queen Victoria Night Market

Rice and Dice were back, with vegan options clearly labeled. I enjoyed my meal there last year and I was happy to see them here again:

Rice and Dice at Queen Victoria Night Market

You’ll find a long queue at The Soup Factory. Bowls of soup served in bread bowls! A pyramid of bread! The Mediterranean Lentil soup is vegan and I missed out last year. Looks like I need a few more visits to fit in all the stuff I want to try, Soup Factory included:

Soup Factory at Queen Victoria Night Market

A few hours later I was feeling hungry again and finished off with the vegan burger from The Little Mushroom Co. Served simply with rocket but packing a lovely punch with the dressing, this was a winner. Keep an eye on Little Mushroom Co as they may be introducing more vegan options:

Little Mushroom Co at Queen Victoria Night Market

This band is Holy Moses Heartache and they were great. Apologies to the other band members who aren’t in the photo!

live music at Queen Victoria Night Market

The Queen Vic Night Market is on every Wednesday from 5pm – 10pm until August 26th. There are loads of non-food stalls too, though I didn’t get to check them out much tonight.

Have you been to the night market this year? Any vegan tips to share?

at Queen Victoria Night Market

18 thoughts on “Vegan Food Options At The Queen Victoria Night Market 2015

  1. I wouldn’t bother with the non-food stalls either…ha ha. All the food looks so amazing that I want to go…but it’s a bit of a distance, even for delicious vegan food! 😉

  2. Oh this is fantastic!!!!!, thanks so much because I’m going next week and didn’t think there would be much for vegans.

  3. The food looks great. However what nincompoop thought that a night market in Melbourne in WINTER was a good idea? I can’t even go outside at night in Brisbane in winter, let alone frosty Melbourne. Hope you didn’t get frostbite. 😉

    • It was SO COLD when I left the house but inside the market I was getting hot because I was all super rugged up. I was surprised to see how packed it got because I figured people would stay home!

  4. Very helpful now I have a list of food to try, number one stop is the Sri Lankan place number two is the mushroom burger!! I love your blog,keep up the great work Veganopoulous!!

  5. Thanks so much for this! I’m surprising my partner with a night out at the market tonight and I’m taking your amazing list of things to try with me! Very helpful indeed 🙂