Juanita’s Kitchen, Preston

Juanita's Kitchen

Juanita’s Kitchen in Preston held their official opening today. You may be familiar with Juanita’s Kitchen– they have a product range including vegan and gluten free cooking sauces, salsas, marinades, chai blends, tea blends and smoothie mixes. The range features flavours of Mexico as well as West African style cuisine in the Le Baobab range. All of the products are available in the cafe.

The cafe is brightly lit and full of colour with some beautiful photos and paintings. A board lists specials and I must go back for a meal because I had just eaten and settled for a cup of tea and a lemon bite ball. Juanita had prepared some samples of a delicious almond sticky date style slice and if that’s a regular feature it’s something I’m sure to order next time! There’s a spicy sweet potato and peanut soup that I’d love to try as well as some other vegan options.

Juanita's Kitchen

How gorgeous is the little red case below? And the recipe box?!

Juanita's Kitchen

Juanita's Kitchen

Juanita's Kitchen

With vegan-friendly options popping up more and more in Melbourne, Juanita’s Kitchen is a very welcome addition to the inner north. Located near Bell train station by the corner of Bell Street and High Street, it’s easy to get to by public transport. Although it’s on a busy road I could barely hear the traffic outside. Service was great and I had a good chat with Juanita and learned that this is a family business with all the products created right there on the premises. With so many good things to choose from, I’m absolutely heading back there to stock up, especially on gift packs and to try all the vegan food options.

Juanita's Kitchen

Juanita’s Kitchen

219 High Street, Preston


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10 thoughts on “Juanita’s Kitchen, Preston

  1. I love that the two food styles are from regions so far from each other, the eclecticism of the shop is cool, like the diversity of the product flavors. Given you are reviewing a new vegan business near weekly I’d say Melbourne’s vegan business scene is ‘blowing up’ rather than ‘popping up’ 😉

    • they’re really good. I bought someone a gift pack in the past and they really enjoyed it so I have to go and buy everything of course 😉

  2. The red school case is sweet, I had a blue one! Great photos, it looks like a nice little place and so good you can buy their products right there.