What I Ate and Week In Review

Mexican style bean and veg stew

Here’s a look at some of the eats the family and I have had recently. Above is a Mexican style stew with black beans and whatever veggies I had to use up. On the top is a cashew lime avocado cream.

We had a special visit to Mr Nice Guy’s Bake Shop. I haven’t blogged about the bake shop in a long time because we haven’t visited. Mr Nice Guy is now making these amazing brioche donuts, or bronuts.

Mr Nice Guys Bake Shop bronut  Mr Nice Guys Bake Shop bronut

A few weeks ago I made a low fat banana and date bread:

banana date ginger bread

Arthur likes the Gardein chick’n sliders:

Gardein slider

But it’s not all bronuts and burgers around here. There’s a lot of green juice:

green juice

We’ve been pretty busy lately and I haven’t been taking many photos of stuff we’ve been up to but here are a few. We went to Melbourne Uni for Open Day today:

Melbourne University

Here’s the Essendon Historical Society in the old court house that was built in 1890 and operated as a court house until 1974:

essendon historical society

Buildings around the corner from Mister Nice Guy’s in Ascot Vale:

Ascot Vale terrace building facades

My sister is so lucky to have neighbours like these:

Husband and the kids went on a tour at the National Gallery of Victoria. DeeW came home and told me about a famous painter who painted a crying lady because there was a war in a shopping centre. Turns out she was referring to Picasso and the marketplace bombing of Guernica in 1937. Arthur was particularly interested in the story of The Weeping Woman being stolen from the gallery in 1986. We both found the ransom note funny…


More eats and Melbourney photo-y stuff coming at you next week!

10 thoughts on “What I Ate and Week In Review

    • heh that photo with the banana bread on the tray in front of the window was borne out needing to shoo the cats away so I went to the one room in the house with light and where I could shut doors 🙂

  1. Those bronuts are almost upstaged by that amazing rainbow cat plant holder! Is that yours or at the cafe? It’s so awesome! Cashew lime avocado cream -I want to make that and perfect with a Mexican inspired stew. I like the light in the banana bread pic and roo’s & magpies in the backyard <3