More Visits To Raw Trader, City

Raw Trader Melbourne

Since my first blog post about Raw Trader in the city (Melbourne’s CBD) I’ve been back a few times on my own and with company. I follow Raw Trader on Instagram and sit there drooling every morning when they post a photo of what’s in the cabinet, though I get bummed out when I see the stuff I really want to try on days when I’m not in the city! Still, there’s plenty more to keep me happy.

As the name suggests, everything at Raw Trader is raw as well as organic, vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. I love the creativity and seeing what they come up with next.

Here’s a look at what I (and company) have had over the past year. The $15 tasting platters are great when you want to try some of everything. The banoffee slice (far left) is one of the more popular treats. I really like the peppermint slice (second from left) and the caramel slice (far right):

Raw Trader Melbourne

This apple crumble cake is so good. What I really like about Raw Trader is that nothing, to me, is sickly sweet:

Raw Trader Melbourne

Lemon layer cake! Arthur and I shared this and I was happy to learn Raw Trader don’t use agave, as Arthur (we suspect) is allergic:

Raw Trader Melbourne

The cappuccino cake may be my favourite. The texture of these cakes are so beautifully smooth:

Raw Trader Melbourne

No, maybe this white chocolate salted caramel cake is my favourite… (hello raw mint slice biscuit!):

Raw Trader Melbourne

Everything is hand made there at Raw Trader, including their nut milks. You can also order tea, coffee, hot chocolate, juices and smoothies. There are breakfast options, chocolate bark, bliss balls and raw versions of biscuits.

Raw Trader Melbourne

I always look forward to seeing what Raw Trader have in the cabinet, even if I can’t be there in person. I’ve been told that there are some items like custard tarts that fly out the door so I’m hoping to get lucky one day and finally grab one. Until then, I’m content with eating my way through whatever’s on offer 😉

Raw Trader Melbourne

Raw Trader

10 Sutherland Street, Melbourne

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Raw Trader Melbourne

16 thoughts on “More Visits To Raw Trader, City

  1. I like the metal trees and the seating around the them, cool looking place and your photos of the desserts are fantastic, it’s like looking at tiny icebergs -weird but what comes to mind. I’ll have to let my Mom know about this place, she’ll be all over that cappuccino slice!

    • tell your Mum to follow Raw Trader on Facebook or Instagram if she can, that way you can see what’s on offer that day as they are always putting out something different. The cappuccino cake is really really good, not too sweet either.

  2. Ok…sweet tooth ACTIVATED lol thanks! Lovely place you have here! I’d love to be bloggin’ buddies! Us veggie heads have to stick together 🙂 Swing by my place when you have the chance!

  3. How can anyone choose a favorite when everything is so good! I haven’t been in a few months, you just convinced me to go back asap!

  4. It all looks so beautiful! However sadly raw desserts are pretty off limits to me because of my low tolerance to coconut oil. Though their used to be a raw cafe here in Brisbane I went to quite a bit and one day they made me a special coconut oil free raw dessert! it was a chocolate cherry slice, which is the best ever as far as I’m concerned. So sweet!

    • I’m not sure of the exact ingredients of Raw Trader, but coconut oil and raw desserts seem to go together a lot everywhere!

  5. good to hear you are enjoying the raw goodies – I have only had one slice and it was too much coconut oil but it is such a beautiful place that I would be willing to try more – sadly I am not in the city that often so don’t get many opportunities

    • I love coconut so the flavour doesn’t bother me but some people definitely pick up the flavour of coconut more, my friends find the taste really obvious in some dishes but I don’t!