Vegan Mofo 2015 #4: Weird Food Combo



Today’s Mofo prompt is Tell us about a weird food combo that you love.

I really can’t think of a weird food combo I love. I can give you a science experiment though. You need some halva (the grey store bought kind that you find in continental delis) and a can of soft drink/soda pop/something like Coke. Now I don’t drink the stuff and wouldn’t recommend it but this is science and so you have to do it do it just once. You don’t have to swallow the drink either!

Eat a decent chunk of the halva (swallow it). Then fill your mouth with the Coke-like drink. Instant science lesson in your mouth! Why is it so?

Actually this kinda ties in with the childhood meal prompt. We used to have halva sandwich as a special treat. You need slices of the halva and… bread.

Pre-vegan I used to like eating plain potato chips (crisps) followed by a piece of milk chocolate.

For a flavour combo I love now but used to puke at, I have to vote for miso-tahini. The first time I made it I felt sick, like it was so wrong to have those two together. Now I really like it!

Cat stalking miso tahini veg bowl



16 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo 2015 #4: Weird Food Combo

  1. I am still thinking about this prompt.
    Your science experiment made me giggle, I won’t be trying it – though may share it with my nephews. I like halva now and again.
    Miso – Tahini – now that is one i have yet to try.

  2. Is the experiment similar to pop rocks and soda? I find halva a bit too intense though I love tahini sandwiches so halvawiches would be good too maybe the bread would balance out the sweetness.That vintage vid is great, I wish my professor had been that candid 🙂 Kitty is eyeing up that delicious looking miso-tahini bowl!

    • I haven’t tried pop rocks and soda– that’s my next experiment! When I was little that professor was always on tv advertising chocolate with “why is it so”, people still quote him!