In My Kitchen, September 2015

We’ve been busy big time around here so I’m squeezing in this quick In My Kitchen while I have some uninterrupted time!

First up In My Kitchen is a copy of The Plant-Based Journey by Lani Muelrath. I find myself nodding along to so much of what is written and shouting (at the air) “YES! THIS!” Lani is currently on a blog book tour and I will have a spot on the virtual tour at the end of the month with a review and giveaway. I’ve never participated in a book blog tour so it’s pretty exciting.


In My Kitchen is a show of my stupidity. This little chopping board belonged to my grandparents. It’s a small size and I was very fond of it. One day I forgot to check the water level when using my double boiler and the pot was all scorched as the water had run out. So of course I took it off the heat and put it on the chopping board instead. I was fairly annoyed with myself as this board is both sentimental and a really nice little prop for photos:

burnt old cutting board

In My Kitchen are these Cath Kidston tea towels. My sister bought me the top towel shown when she was in London. I use these more for decoration as they don’t really absorb water much, so I prefer to use other towels for my hands. We never dry our dishes with tea towels, but these are pretty badly stained (thank you family who reach for the Good Towels when mopping up mess):

cath kidston towels

A jar of Mexican Mole simmer sauce from Juanita’s Kitchen:

Juanita's Kitchen mole sauce

I’m defrosting a Tofurky roast for a family lunch tomorrow. I’ve never had the roast before and hope it tastes good, because it cost a million bucks. Yes, that’s a lot of cat hair on the couch:


When I remember to pop my vitamin pills, I have these. Both purchased from iHerb and shipping to Australia took a week. I’ve used iHerb quite a few times and each time my order has arrived in a week. Not bad, considering it’s from the other side of the world:

vegan vitamins

In My Kitchen (sitting on the Ikea desk chair) is this old pot holder. I found it in an op shop for fifty cents. I love all the old fabric!

vintage pot holder

And finally we have Punky and an EcoJarz jar (and green juice). I won this awesome jar from a Christmas giveaway last year that was hosted by The Vegan Box and it came with a cute little denim jar holder bag (which DeeW uses as a regular bag):


In My Kitchen is a monthly blog link up hosted by Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and I’m submitting this blog post of mine for September 2015. It’s not a vegan event but anyone can join in and you can also discover new blogs, products, etc!

20 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, September 2015

  1. That pot holder is a treasure (and a bargain, I’m sure you couldn’t make it for 50c!)

    What is with family using the Good Towels inappropriately (yes, I recognise your capitals). After ten years together, my husband still cannot distinguish the Good Towels from the regular ones. Sigh…

    I’m sorry to hear about your board. Is it possible to sand it back to remove the worst of the scorching?

  2. I admire anyone who eats vegan as I really love having as much vegetarian food as possible but would find it so hard to give up dairy. Interested to here how the turkey roast was too. Your cat is gorgeous – love that pic 🙂 Jan x

    • thanks! I was thinking of doing a Tofurky product review blog post but arghgh the expense and also I prefer to cook meals from scratch than packaged!

  3. Well all looks most interesting part from the poor chopping board which makes me sad – it is the sort of thing I have done though I have never inherited a chopping board. I love love love cath kidson and love your tea towels – hope you enjoy your tofurky roast – what will you do with the mole sauce? And your cat is so cute!

    • About cute cat, I’ve just realised I forgot to include my destroyed kitchen chairs for IMK! Next time. I’ll do something black-beany with the mole sauce. Maybe enchiladas with black bean sweet potato filling. I keep looking for wood chopping boards in op shops but haven’t found any yet, apparently they’re quite popular.

  4. i hear you about the Good Towels, most of mine got wrecked too! I’ve also done the same thing with chopping boards (including plastic ones), so annoying. Keen to hear how the tofurky is, I haven’t tried except for the one i make myself…

  5. Tofurky roast costs a million bucks in Canada, it must cost a millionmillion in Australia! I’ve often looked at it in the freezer, contemplated, and gone ‘Nah too expensive.’ I hope the family likes it! I think I drive my partner nuts when I’m all ‘No no don’t use that towel!’ when it’s hanging right there by the oven. I wish everything in my house was beautiful and utilitarian but almost everything goes from the former into the latter over time 😉 Punky’s a pro-photobomber!

    • yeah Punky rocks for photobombing, I have more somewhere. We’re having the roast today, I’ll be a bit bitter if it doesn’t taste good. I can’t remember how much it cost exactly but a millionmillion is about right…

  6. Such a great shame about the chopping board, esp. with it being of sentimental value. I want some Mexican Mole and am so jealous of your jar. I am also liking the pot holder, something retro about it too. And you have saved the best for last with Punky – how awesome.

    • thanks! I will forever kick myself about the chopping board but lesson learned I guess– like AnnE Shirley, I don’t make the same mistake twice!

  7. There is a very good chance you can remove the major charring by some gentle sanding, but do you really want to? This board is loved by you because of its hands on history. You’ve just written your own chapter on to it. Maybe some steel wool with a tiny bit of “Barkeepers Friend” might help reduce it a bit. Go easy, it’s still precious 🙂

    • I think I’d be more annoyed if I ended up damaging it– at least the underside isn’t bad! Thanks for the advice! 😀