Vegan Mofo 2015 #5: Best Sandwich Ever

Trang bakery banh mi

Today’s Vegan Mofo prompt is Best Sandwich Ever. In terms of buying a sandwich somewhere, I have two favourites. The first is Trang Bakery in Hardware Street, Melbourne (there’s an outlet in Collingwood too). Trang Bakery make the best banh mi I’ve ever tasted. There are great vegan options like eggplant tempura, roast BBQ pork, lemongrass tofu and the roast mock duck, shown above. I love the chilli, peanuts and fried shallots. A banh mi costs $6 and they’re really filling. Get some vegan fresh made donuts while you’re there!

My other favourite is Smith & Deli. You can read about my visit here, where I had this amazing sandwich called the Home Alone, though in this photo you see the sandwich in bread slices form. The deli had run out of the bread rolls, but this is still one super sandwich. It’s basically a roast meal in a sandwich: turkey, roast brussels sprouts, mashed potato, stuffing and cranberry sauce:

Smith & Deli Fitzroy

True North in Coburg make a great vegan Reuben too:

True North Coburg

Toastie Temple have a stall at Preston Market and serve delicious organic vegan cheese toasties using locally produced artisan ingredients:

Toastie Temple - Little Earth Bakery

Rosalie from Quinces and Kale has an awesome Mofo theme this year. She’s blogging about Smith & Deli sandwiches every day! I haven’t been back to Smith & Deli in an unbearably long time so I’m loving all the different sandwiches Rosalie is featuring. It took me a long time deciding what I wanted the first time I visited because so many sandwiches on the menu sounded fab.

My favourite home made sandwiches come out of Vegan Sandwiches Save The Day. I reviewed this awesome book and made some ace sandwiches, my favourites being the Chickpea Shawarma:

chickpea shawarma

… and the Asian Eggplant Sandwich:

asian eggplant sandwich

Happy fifth day of Mofo!




22 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo 2015 #5: Best Sandwich Ever

    • I follow Smith & Deli on instagram and they had a jackfruit burrito yesterday, I would have loved to try it and had the chance to be dropped off in Fitzroy but chose to stay home and get housework/computer stuff done when the family were out!

    • it’s really good. Simple too if I remember well. I didn’t use the book for a while cos I thought the recipes were too involved but it really is fab.

  1. I am so excited about Smith & Deli sandwiches when I am in Melbourne in October. The Home Alone is currently the at the top of my list.

    Also I am happy that there is a Trang’s close to the forum venue on the weekend, so I can finally have my first ever Banh Mi!

    • If you’re talking about Trangs in the city, Raw Trader is around the corner though I don’t know if they’re using coconut oil in everything. They’re always coming up with new stuff so it’s definitely worth finding out!

  2. Sometimes reading your blog makes me think there are more vegan options in Australia than in my area! And I usually brag about how vegan friendly Philadelphia is! XD Those sandwiches look awesome!