Vegan Mofo 2015 #6: Re-create A Restaurant Meal

Today’s prompt is Re-create A Restaurant Meal.

Oooh I had so many plans for this. I wanted to recreate the fab kale and leek bake from Smith & Daughters but forgot to buy kale. And leek…

One meal I always enjoy is the tofu puff and veg curry from Loving Hut in Richmond. I like it so much that I always break my personal rule of never ordering the same thing twice, when there’s a whole menu to explore.

I have no idea how Loving Hut Richmond make it, but I used some curry paste, coconut milk, tofu puffs (that I forgot to cut in half) and whatever veg I could find. I added peas and spinach too to get more greens in. It didn’t taste like Loving Hut’s version, but it was still good. Here it is, delicately balanced on the back of the couch because that was the only free spot I could find near natural light:

tofu puff veg coconut curry

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone has done!



10 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo 2015 #6: Re-create A Restaurant Meal

  1. I love that you have a rule of never ordering the same thing twice – so adventurous of you! also, I love that you break your own rule… you gotta make exceptions in life!

    • I have The System with my sister where we must never order the same thing when we go out together, we have to order different meals then split and my husband is all “why not just order a meal you want??!” He doesn’t appreciate the intricacies and logic of the System.