Vegan Mofo 2015 #7: Make Something Inspired By Book Or Film

Costanza's vegan calzone

I screwed up a little with today’s prompt because I thought “TV” was included. Whoops. Okay, so I was thinking of something to do with food in a film/book/movie that made me laugh. The first thing that came to mind was the calzone episode of Seinfeld. Bwahaha! Because I started laughing at the memory of it, I knew I had to make a Not Quite Costanza’s Calzone.

It’s called Not Quite, because George Costanza’s calzone had eggplant, pepperoni and cheese. And an irritating boss. I had none of those but my Mum gave me some leftover Tourlou (really roll that r!) yesterday, which is a Greek dish of slow oven roasted vegetables, similar to a briam. Mum used potatoes, carrots, red capsicum, onion and mushrooms:

Greek tourlou

I chopped up the Tourlou and used it as the calzone filling, along with some baby spinach and one leftover zucchini fritter Mum had made. I had a bit of a Costanza moment (which includes a disappointment quickly followed by a high pitched angry shriek) because it started raining when I went outside to photograph the calzone. So up the top there is my calzone, all propped up by the lounge room window, looking out at the rain.



23 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo 2015 #7: Make Something Inspired By Book Or Film

  1. That calzone looks amazing! Love that you’ve used leftover roast vegetables in it, that would taste amazing. I have no idea how to roll “r”s hahaha I tried to pronounce Tourlou but it’s more like “Toullou” to me haha.

  2. ha ha, what a great write up. That actually looks like such a delicious filling for a calzone. So saucy and colorful. By the way, I totally don’t think it’s cheating to use a TV inspiration! You gotta be flexible with the mofo rules in order to pull it all off!!

    • yeah I agree! I also thought of the cinnamon babka episode, but the calzone was the first thing so I had to go with it 😉

  3. Iike your mistake, I am a Seinfiled fan. Have the DVD set. I haven’t had calzone for yonkies. Can you share the pastry recipe with me, I’d love to make a calzone at home. PS I often have to take pictures on my window, due to the weather – your pic is amazing.

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