Vegan Mofo 2015 #10: Something Blue

fat blue grover

Today’s Mofo theme is Something Blue!

So up there was my face when I saw this prompt. I did have plans for a blue cake but I didn’t want to use blue food colouring. So the big scientific plan was to boil up some red cabbage then mix in baking soda to the strained liquid, which makes it turn blue. But I didn’t have a red cabbage and I figured once I started adding other cakey ingredients, the groovy blue colour would change to something gross.

It’s a really beautiful spring day here in Melbourne so I took the camera out for a walk to photograph anything blue, but first up I have a couple favourite things shown below. My navy blue Skechers Go Walk 2 shoes, which are vegan. On the right is a neckace my mum has had since the 70s.

I hardly saw anything blue on my walk so I got some purple instead. Wherever I saw ‘blue’ I was all SNAP! You know that Amelia Jane story where she gets Nurse’s scissors and every time she sees a rose on the nursery carpet she goes SNIP? That was me today, but SNAP.

Vegan Mofo something blue

Then I figured what the heck, I’ll make something with blueberries. I threw together a rough no-oil blueberry lemon loaf with aquafaba, crossing my fingers and hoping the use of coconut sugar would be okay. I don’t really like using coconut sugar in place of other sugar as the results are too unpredictable in my experience, so this was a cross-my-fingers effort. It turned out kinda forgettable but the kids liked it which means I can use it as a snack when they’re doing the I’m hungreeee thing at 3pm.

low fat blueberry lemon loaf




27 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo 2015 #10: Something Blue

  1. aw, I like this post and your pretty blue sneakers. Blue is my favorite color of all, so even though I suspect that there will be an awful lot of blueberry posts today, I’m still gonna soak it all up. I really like the blue pictures from your walk. <3

  2. I really love how you approached this topic! I also wanted to do blueberries, but then I realised I have another blueberry recipe coming up soon. So I used poppy seeds and also added aquafaba to my cake!

  3. Great shoes, I didn’t think of vegan clothing! My work bag is a blue Matt and Nat one. Your loaf sounds lovely. I had a similar idea and did an oil free tea loaf with blueberries and Blue Moon beer. I’ve just read the Seitan Is My Motor post that uses aqua faba in a poppy seed bake. I really need to get experimenting with it, it looks like it gives such great results.

    • I really enjoy using it. I eat (mostly) high carb low fat and use the aquafaba in place of oil too sometimes and so far so good!

    • thanks! The Skechers are super comfy, I’ll do a separate review of them if I can get more info from the company on the vegan aspect!

  4. Yay! A walking tour! I haven’t seen you do one in a while. If the kids like it I’d call it a winning loaf. I have a cup of aquafaba waiting in my fridge till I decide what to make with it. It’ll be my first time, I’m very excited!

    • ooooh excitement! I haven’t braved macarons or meringues yet, mostly because I’m lazy and would prefer to eat someone’s elses creations instead of making my own and possibly screwing it up.

  5. I am liking your approach to blue, then finally making the blueberry load – which by the way, looks yummy. Intrigued that it is made with aquafaba, I have made merngues with aquafaba and mousse, but not much else.

    • thanks! I thought the kids wouldn’t like it but I’m glad they did– always happy to make them low fat treats so next time I’ll make this with something like buckwheat or millet flour.

  6. What a funky necklace – my mum has a few similar ones too (I think one has made its way into my belongings somehow…;) ) Love the loaf too – I get what you mean about coconut sugar. I use it in a lot of my baked goods now as I am so used to the slightly richer flavour, but i think it has resulted in some things being a little off. I have just started experimenting with aquafaba in the last few weeks. I’m not sure I’ve quite got the hang of it yet – I used it in some cookies but not sure they were much different to how they normally turn out. I hoped they would be chewier or something.

    • I’d be stoked to see if someone else has the same necklace, I have another one the same but in red. Coconut sugar has resulted in a few blergh results for me, mostly with a cuople cakes and my gingerbread was all spotty and weird looking (tasted alright though).

      • I’ll have to try and find the necklace in mind and take a picture! I think the bead patterns are different but similar style. Yes – it seems to work well in more dense muffins and stuff, I have had the speckly thing happen in cookies but sporadically (even redoing the same recipe I have had different outcomes) it seems to be better if I spend more time creaming the butter and sugar at the start, I guess it dissolves a bit better.

  7. All your pics look so pretty and so true to the blue color. Besides, the prompt said nothing about food…but, now that you made a cake, too, I think you are underestimating yourself; kids are the most discerning of critics, I tell ya!

    Zsu @ Zsu’s Vegan Pantry

    • thanks! I had a couple more blue things to photograph that I forgot about (a favourite jacket and the TARDIS my son made) 😀