Vegan Mofo 2015 #22: Make A Dish Using All Seasonal Produce

Today’s Mofo prompt is Make a dish using all seasonal produce. Spring here began on September 1st and I’m looking forward to seeing new produce at the markets. The freshest produce I had available was just perfect– cut rhubarb from my mother in law’s garden two days ago. Arthur and DeeW are really in to rhubarb and any kind of crumble (crisp) dessert so I often make a healthier version of a crumble for breakfast. They used to love porridge then one morning they both declared they were on porridge strike because they didn’t like it anymore. So to get more porridge-like foods in to their diet, like oats, chia, flax and so on, I make them crumbles with less sugar and less fat than traditional crumble recipes (which often use oil or butter in the crumble mix), and I mix in crushed pumpkin seed, sunflower seed and so on.

I made the Cranberry Brazil Nut Granola from Street Vegan by Adam Sobel of the Cinnamon Snail food truck in New York. It’s such a fantastic book and I’ve got a review coming soon on the blog. I chopped up the rhubarb along with a couple of apples, threw in some raisins, cinnamon and a little coconut sugar then stewed it all on the stove. That was the base of the ‘crumble’. I topped it with the granola, shouted out “who wants rhubarb apple crumble!” and watched with a lot of satisfaction as the kids scoffed this down.

granola rhubarb crumble





21 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo 2015 #22: Make A Dish Using All Seasonal Produce

  1. That looks terrific! It’s a great way to make a healthier breakfast. I also love that you are getting into spring while we are moving into autumn. I totally forgot about that shift – I’ll have to amend my wording for mofo 🙂 I’ve also heard some great things about that book. I’ll be on the lookout for your review.


  2. Your cranberry rhubarb granola looks delicious, almost like eating dessert for brekkie. I’ve recently treated myself to a copy of Street Vegan, I could not resist it when I saw it at the bookshop – i is so full of original recipes, look forward to seeing your review.

    • it’s a fab book, really. Not a “make this and have dinner on the table in under thirty minutes!” job as the recipes are more involved, but sooooo worth it.

  3. I love the kids narratives, are they more textural or is it just the idea of a certain food that swings them one way or the other? Who could resist crisp though? I missed out on rhubarb this spring and I’ve still got the echo of rhubarb custard lingering in the back of my MoFo mind.

  4. Yummy! I’ve been putting stewed rhubarb into overnight oats recently too. Funny story- I was at my sisters earlier talking about my neighbour who’s called Barbara when my 5 year old nephew piped up ‘I don’t like Barbara. We grow it in the garden and it tastes all sour’. Cracked me up.

    • ha ha!!! I used to sing that ‘Barbara Ann’ song as ‘barbarann’ and could never work out what a barbarann was, I thought they were saying barbarian wrong.

    • Same here! Reviewing is great but then I get a bit over cooking and eating, when all I want is my plain simple meal plan. I made two Street Vegan recipes today, now I’m waddling around the house.