Vegan Mofo 2015 #24: What Dolly Parton Would Eat If She Were Vegan

Hello? It’s Dolly! Come on over for some seitan bbq ribs! We’re barbequin’ from 9 to 5!

Dolly! I love Dolly. I went to her concert a couple years back and people were really in to it– there were kids and their great grandparents singing along to all her songs. We went to Canberra for a family holiday when I was young and we went and saw 9 To 5 at a cinema.

My good mate Vegan Dolly would be big on barbecued tofu, mushrooms and veggies:

tofu bbq

My extensive five minute Google research revealed that Dolly likes Indian, Italian and Mexican food though she strikes me as the sort of person who will try anything. LIke  Swedish dishes such as Semla, because they look like– WAIT FOR IT– islands in the stream:

vegan semla


Vegan Dolly would definitely be in to the southern fried chicken from Loving Hut Northcote here in Melbourne:

loving hut southern fried chicken

and the barbecue soy skewers:

loving hut northcote bbq soy skewers

Then there would be a tonne of vegan roasts:

vegan roasts

And we’d finish off with Dolly teaching me how to play a guitar with super long nails.




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    • yep! She’s always struck as one of the most genuine, honest people in showbiz too– love how she doesn’t take herself seriously!