Vegan Mofo 2015 #25: Share Your Favourite Cuisine

Wow, we’re up to day 25 already! Mofo has zoomed by this year.

Today’s Mofo prompt is Share your favourite cuisine. Man, what a tough one. It’s hard to choose when, you know, you like food. In no particular order:


Before I was vegan I loved katsu curries. Always something crumbed and fried then submerged in a sea of glorious Japanese curry. I’ve had vegan Japanese curries and am satisfied but next time I have to throw something crumbed in. For a healthier meal I like the Japanese curry from Yong Green Food in Fitzroy:

japanese curry yong green

There’s also a great tofu meal from I Dream Of Sushi in Moonee Ponds:

I Dream Of Sushi, Moonee Ponds


I LOVE Indian food. I only really started eating Indian meals around my early 20s. Before that I always went for a curry puff or samosa. My favourite place for Indian food is Krishna on Barkly in Footscray as they recently got rid of meat from their menu and they’re great with vegan options (of which there are many). They make awesome vegan gulab jamun:

Krishna On Barkly, Footscray


In my uni days, one of my friends was from Malaysia and she and her mother made awesome meals. We would also go to a restaurant called Nyona in Carlton and I loved their green curry. I think Nyonya closed down, but as a note to self I should start checking out other Nyona cuisine places to see if they offer vegan meals.


This is a bit of a wishful thinking one because I haven’t had French food since before I was vegan. When Husband and I lived overseas (Amsterdam) we went to a few fancy French places. I would love to see a vegan fancy French place here.


The flavours of Vietnamese cuisine are superb. Something as simple as a rice paper roll can be made awesome. Ditto for banh mi, this is not just a sandwich. My favourite banh mi ever is from Trang Bakery in Melbourne:

Trang Bakery CBD

Thai is up there as a favourite too. I will usually always order a Thai green curry:

the national hotel thai green curry

A lot of people think that my favourite cuisine would be Greek (because I’m Greek-Australian). Many years ago I was talking to a friend on the phone and his mum was in the background nagging him “ask her what yummy Greek food she had for dinner!” and I was all ummm, hot dogs.  Funnily enough, Greek food is and isn’t one of my favourites but depends on how you look at it– if I’m going out to eat somewhere my last choice would be a Greek place, simply because I grew up with that kind of food and so I’d prefer to try something else. Besides, I always feel my family’s cooking is better than a Greek restaurant’s 😉  But then Greek cuisine is one of my favourites because it’s in my blood and there are so many beautiful fresh flavours and combinations and of course, the heart and soul that goes in to meal preparation at family events.


My general preferences are pretty easy– if something is crumbed and fried chances are I’ll love it (though I avoid that because I often feel really sick soon after). Ditto for something in a wrap!




14 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo 2015 #25: Share Your Favourite Cuisine

  1. Global Vegetarian in North Road Ormond is great. Cheap and filling but, most importantly, also absolutely delicious and nearly everything on the menu
    is VEGAN!

  2. Mmm those Japanese meals look so good! I haven’t had much opportunity to try Greek food but your recipes look great and I have some of them bookmarked, so I’ll have to try them soon!

  3. Sounds like a tyranny of choice! I had a favourite vietnamese restaurant on lygon st that has now closed – also love japanese and mexican (so long as not too spicy) – but when eating out it is a matter of finding a restaurant that is not same old same old because most cuisines are exciting if you can just find someone who is willing to offer some interesting food

    • exactly! That’s why with Greek restaurants I have to be interested enough, like maybe a twist on Greek classic dishes 😀

  4. You are so much like me, if you like food then yes you will like most cuisines and it would be hard to chose – I prefer Japanese cuisine more than Chinese cuisine though, that much I do know.