Vegan Mofo 2015 #29: Vegan Road Trip

Today’s Mofo prompt is What would you bring on a vegan road trip?

Given the happy news (because I’m a nerd) I woke up to this morning, there’s only one destination for my road trip!


Of course, I need a pilot:


“No, Veganopoulous. We can’t sacrifice rocket fuel for more nooch.”

And a happy co-pilot [edit: I’d spend the trip to Mars educating this particular pilot given his recent comments in the news…]astronautmatt

“I’m going to have to vegan the shit out of this!”

Now given how badly the Earth has been screwed by animal agriculture, Mars is going to be an all vegan planet. I’m fascinated with how plants will grow on Mars and really chuffed to be living in a time where new discoveries like Martian water are being made, though I’m always a bit bummed I don’t live in a time that is essentially all Star Trekky.

Okay, so what would I pack? Well let’s pretend we don’t have the pesky problem of my food floating everywhere when we’re en route to Mars. There’s some nice artificial gravity going on.


– popcorn, for the nooch.

– For kicks, we would have a bike attached to a blender so I’d have a big supply of coconut water and protein powders (hemp protein and Prana ON protein powders are my favourites) along with dehydrated fruit and veg that I can put in the smoothies.

– For snacks, I’d have a good supply of pretty much anything that contains tahini and chocolate. Maybe some spacey freeze dried chocolate halva ice cream (I did get some astronaut ice cream in a packet once, unfortunately it wasn’t vegan and I’ve been bitter about it ever since). And protein kinds of bars which contain tahini.

– kale chips and flaxseed crackers with some kind of space friendly dip.

– Cinnamon buns.

– Somehow, I can rehydrate beans and legumes to make hearty stews so I’ll be doing that too. Seriously, is there anything better than eating a steaming bowl of chilli when gazing out a space shuttle window when you’re going to Mars?





14 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo 2015 #29: Vegan Road Trip

  1. Best road trip destination ever, ha ha! Yes Mars should definitely be a vegan planet, humans need to learn from their huge mistskes with the earth!

    • yeahhh! I always hear people talking about having a vegan community, or vegan block of appartments or vegan state. I say dream big and go for an entire planet 😛