Vegan Mofo 2015 #30: Fusion Challenge


Well now Marilla, this is a bit embarrassing. It’s the final day of Mofo and our prompt is Fusion Challenge! Aaaaand I didn’t have the time today to make one final Mofo dish. I had planned to make something with the Szechuan pepper I recently bought but didn’t get around to brainstorming ideas. And then I was struck with a bit of brilliance: why not show you all a simple snack that I was once obsessed with? In fact, it’s a fusion of things I’m obsessed with: tahini and a sandwich press. Seriously, if it can go in a sandwich press I will do it just to get those pretty grill marks.

Okay so we have tahini. Which can be your Middle Eastern flavour. Then we have chocolate, which can be, like, from everywhere. Then we have some kind of wheat wrap like a tortilla or roti or whatevs– totes fusiony!

And then you just spread some tahini on the wrappy thing, throw on some chocolate, roll it up and stick it in the sandwich press. And you get something that looks utterly crap but tastes fantastic (so that’s a kind of fusion thing in itself: Craptastic). Throw some token flowers on the plate, take a photo with your phone and voila:

tahini choc wrap

And just like that *finger snap, hair flick* Vegan Mofo is over for another year. Waaaah! It has flown! When I first heard about the changes to Mofo this year, with following prompts instead of choosing our own themes, I admit I was a little ho hum about it as I’d been looking forward to my theme. I also loved some of the themes last year and loved reading them every morning, so I was a little bummed I’d be missing out on that.

I have to say though, the prompts made Mofo much easier for me this year. When I saw the prompts I did have some anxious moments about how I would keep up with them. It didn’t turn out to be a problem at all, in fact it was so good to have days where I didn’t have to cook anything and I was able to prepare some dishes before Mofo began. Last year I enjoyed my Will My Kids Eat It? theme (which I will confess now was slightly sanitised– the uncensored version included lots of quotes from my kids with the word “testicles” frequently being used). But I ran out of puff last year because I was trying to make a Mofo dish for nearly every day of the month and some days I just couldn’t be bothered (even if my kids were boosting my humour levels by referring to some of my efforts as “fetid bladder infection”… WTF?)

There were some bloggers this year that stuck with a theme, or merged their planned theme with the Mofo prompts. I really enjoyed those and kinda wished I saw more themes. But at the same time, I was proven wrong about the daily prompts being a little mehhh in comparison to a fixed theme. I like both equally!

There were so many blogs I enjoyed reading this Mofo that it’s hard to choose stand-outs but I have to tip my hat to the following:

– Lysette from Vegan Varg has inspired me to grow shiso

Rosalie from Quinces and Kale ate her way through the sandwich menu of Melbourne’s Smith & Deli which is a magnificent effort

Jennifer from One Raw Bite wrote about Korean Food 101. I want to watch some of those tv shows!

Joey from Flicking the Vs made fritters in a sandwich maker. I have to try that, stat!

– Emil from Hasta La Vegan had me peeing my pants for yet another Mofo with the wafflizing of everything.

There were so, so many things I enjoyed. The kitchen tour prompt is a standout, as well as the focus on a nutrient prompt. I got some good info that day! The make something inspired by book/film was a lot of fun! I followed along as much as I could on Instagram too and enjoyed seeing what people came up with.

Those ‘select the pictures that contain [whatever]’ anti-spam measures were sometimes a pain in the bum.  There’s one that says “select all images that show donuts”. Well one of the supposedly donut images were actually bagels. Pffft!

I’ve followed some new blogs and social media accounts. I tried to respond to every comment on the blog, which is much easier than on Instagram– sometimes I went to respond on my my Instagram then would press a wrong button on my phone and lose what I was writing and where I was writing it, or I’d clear my phone notifications before realising I was clearing the notifications of who tagged me or commented etc. I’m still learning Instagram but didn’t really have the time this month to sit down and work it out (Instagram frustrates me!) So my big apologies to people who left comments on my ig but didn’t receive a reply.


Thanks to all involved with putting on Mofo! See you all next year! Or better yet, stick around followww meeeee! I got some changes planned for the blog and hope to make it better! Mwahhh!




20 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo 2015 #30: Fusion Challenge

  1. What a great sign-off to Mofo – your blog is one of the new ones I’ve discovered this month, and I love it! I’m with you on the prompts – I was really disappointed when they were announced, and I still think I would have preferred to just have themes, but I loved some of them (kitchen tour, definitely). Also with you on those annoying picture-selecting things. I hate the ones that ask you to choose all the images with eggs. Don’t they know we’re vegans?!

  2. It’s been so good to get to know you Faye! I will definitely be back to your blog throughout the next year, I’ve really enjoyed your unique tone of writing! And your fusiony creation made me laugh 😀 but it looks tasty to me! Especially with those flowers, flowers can make any dish look like it just come out of a fancy restaurant!

  3. I think that is a perfect end! It sounds pretty yummy. Totally fusion. 🙂
    I ended up really liking the prompt system, it made it easier for me, though I also enjoyed seeing some people running with their themes.

    • thanks! On one hand I feel like a rest but I’m also feeling like I should try to keep the momentum going. I have half a dozen cookbooks I want to review (which means the cooking, photographing etc etc… some days I can’t be bothered!)

  4. tahini and chocolate in a sandwich press? I can get behind that… I ended up enjoying the prompts a lot more than I expected to, but I may still dust down my abandoned theme (things you make in a sandwich maker, honestly!) I’m just about decompressed from all the cooking and stuff, but I’m looking forward to having loads more newly-discovered blogs to read now it’s all over.

  5. 1) That dish looks yummy. I love chocolate mixed with tahini! And that looks like an awesome street food thing. Like long hot gooey pockets…. oh man…. so yummy sounding! I was thinking about doing chocolate and tahini (or rather black sesame) for the odd food combinations, but I had too many desserts in the house to justify another sweet. XD Oh… and produce that was going to go bad (tomatillos)

    2) The prompts were much more fun that what I originally expected. I thought it would be a competition of similar ideas, but everyone did something different! I was kind-of surprised about it!

    3) Thanks for sharing my Korean 101 post. It took awhile to make! I am glad someone read it! XD I think I found your blog through Vegan MOFO last year, so it is nice and flattering to be linked through your blog.