In My Kitchen October 2015

In My Kitchen is a monthly blog link up hosted by Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and I’m submitting this blog post of mine for October 2015. It’s not a vegan event but anyone can join in and you can also discover new blogs, products, etc!

In My Kitchen this month we have a new little chalk board. It was one of those “don’t really need it but it’s cheap” Ikea suck-you-in brainwashy jobbies. I thought DeeW would like it as her slate, seeing as she loves Anne of Green Gables. She wants me to call her Carrots so she can hit me over the head with it. She thought this message was pretty funny (Anne of Green Gables geeks may find this amusing):


The marble slab in the photo above belong to Husband’s grandmother who passed away when Husband was fifteen or so. Husband’s grandfather passed away in 2003 and when the house was being emptied of all his grandparents’ possessions, Husband chose to keep the marble slab. I’ve been using it for photography recently and love it, though there are some stains you can see which don’t want to come out.

In My Kitchen we have this strange looking thing which is actually a dried banana. It cost me 65 cents and tasted a lot like dried figs. I’ve never had dried banana aaaaand never will again:

dried banana

White balsamic vinegar is one of those ingredients that always, ALWAYS pops up in recipes I like the look of. Then I track some down and buy it, then forget where I saw the recipe. In fact I forgot I already went through this process previously and had bought a bottle of white balsamic. So now I have two bottles and no recipes. With the horseradish, again that appears in a few recipes I want to try so I thought I’d get some while I remembered. The Australian Wild Fruit in syrup was a gift and I’m going to crack it open soon:


I bought this book called I’d Rather Be A Cat from a fundraising stall. The kids find it funny and this is my favourite page:


In My Kitchen I have my herbs and spices cupboard. I call it the vegan food cupboard, even though all my cupboards are pretty much vegan. But this one gets used the most because of the spices, nutritional yeast etc:


In My Kitchen my dining chairs are those retro vinyl ones. Unfortunately one of my cats (Punky) decided they made good scratching posts so they’ve been destroyed. I didn’t mind tooooo much because I was going to reupholster them anyway, before realising the cat would use the reupholstered chairs for his scratching post and not use the actual cat scratch post which is right near the chairs. I bought some cheap pillowcases from op shops and covered the chair backs. The good thing about this is that I can change the pillowcases for the seasons, if I can find something cheap and cheerful for another fifty cents and am in a seasonal decoration mood. Punky still scratches at them and the pillowcases are showing some wear, but it looks better than shredded chairs:


In My Kitchen is my good boy cat, Malteezies. He doesn’t scratch up furniture like his cheeky brother. He’s a good boy! Yeah you’re a good boy aren’t you? You’re a good widdle boy! Good widdle boooooy! Yes you are! Yes you are!!! yeshyouraremygoodwiddlebooooyyyyy:


Happy October!


29 thoughts on “In My Kitchen October 2015

  1. That banana is really ugly in a fascinating sort of way – it needs to go to life drawing class or something! I hope you don’t say something perfectly innocent to DeeW like “What do you want for tea? Carrots?” which she interprets as an invitation to hit you with that slate – such a cute idea though! And the marble board seems a great idea for photos. I love seeing your cupboard – my nooch actually lives on the bench where I have it at the ready! It wasn’t meant to but you know how things have a way of never going away because they just come out again! And naughty punky scratching your chair – sounds like zinc with our couch

    • the banana was the butt of jokes around here, at least one child tried it (and thought it was disgusting)! I’d love to leave my nooch out on the bench but the bench is so tiny, I have to have it completely clear before I can start cooking!

  2. Faye, I’ve been meaning to add white balsamic vinegar to my “inventory” and I like how yours came in a spritzer bottle. (Great serving suggestions on the label — never thought to embellish cheeses or omelettes.) Your oft used spice cupboard looks like a fun one to poke around in, too! Thank you (and Punky) for the tip on picking up used pillow cases at op shops — and “good widdle boy”, Malteezies, for making them last longer. 😉 I’ll definitely be looking for some of those.

    • I was lucky to find some floral pillowcases for between 50 cents and a dollar in the op shops, though I’m yet to find any with more autumn/winter prints. I draw the line at Disney Princess pillowcases though! But on second thoughts, if each child had their own pillowcased-chair, it might stop them arguing about who sits where… hmmm!

      • I think you’re onto something, Faye, with “personalized” chair covers… but I’d draw the line at Disney Princess pillowcases, too. 🙂 (Unless kids were “regulars” at the table!)

    • I cleaned the spice/etc cupboard and made a vow to keep it that way– though sometimes not knocking over those silly little spice jars is hard because it’s a domino effect!

  3. OMG that banana!!!! LOL
    Cute cat pics – awwww!
    The cupboard picture was cool, too! LOVE seeing what others have in their pantry and stashes!
    And nice finds! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Balsamic!

  4. Cute cat Faye 🙂 I am sure you will find plenty of recipes to use up those bottles of white balsamic vinegar. Not sure I would photograph my cupboard as it’s not as tidy as yours. I don’t think I would eat that banana either. Thanks for the peak into your kitchen.

    • I think the banana is one of those things where I might buy another one even though I never want to try it again– it can have that effect!

  5. That banana looks terrible. They’re evil when fresh but that one looks like the ghoul of bananas. I don’t think I could bring myself to eat it. I love the look of your spice cupboard. When we were house hunting, it was a deal breaker for me if the pantry wasn’t up to par. I’m surprised more people don’t have a sticky beak when they’re looking around at open houses!

    • I love peeping in cupboards but have to make sure nobody is watching! Hmmm, I think I might use those dried bananas for scary Halloween food!

  6. love that gingery cat. so cute. and such a clever idea to use the pillowcases over the chair backs. oh my that banana. i don’t like bananas at the best of times (not that there is ever a good time for a banana) so this devilish looking thing makes me shudder:) i bought coffee extract one time and didn’t find the recipe again for 2 years by which time i was well over the whole thing…