Week In Review and What I Ate

I’m combining my weekly *cough* What I Ate and Week In Review, mostly because I haven’t really done all that much this week. With my What I Ates, I’ve been having a lot of juices and smoothies this week and never bother taking pics of those because they’re not very exciting, plus they look like kakka.

This month I’ve been cooking heaps of recipes from Richa Hingle‘s new book Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen. I love this book and I’ll have a review up very soon and a giveaway for US readers. Wooo! I made the Yellow Lentils with Spinach and threw in some broccoli. On the side there are the Gluten Free Chia (though I used the flax option) Flatbreads. Sooooo good:

yellow pea spinach curry

I loved the Kidney Bean Curry, though I added lentils to mine because I didn’t have enough kidney beans (then promptly found kidney beans I’d bought a few days before and forgot about, because I hadn’t bothered putting one bag of groceries away). As usual I add lots of coriander:

kidney bean curry

A while back I made this almost raw salad (almost, because it had roasted peanuts) loaded with Vietnamese mint, lemongrass and coriander:

almost raw salad

Melbourne has given us some beautiful spring days and my flowers are blooming, though one year I’m sure someone cut off the red roses that were just about to open and I’ve been lying in wait for them ever since:

spring garden

Cute wee spider!

cute little spider

Spring days bring more laziness than usual for some. This is a very typical scene at home. Unfortunately this particular cat is obsessed with anything that looks like string and will swallow anything string like, so we have to be really careful. Though despite doing our best, we’ve still had a few vet visits, X-rays and so on which so far have thankfully turned out fine. When we adopted Punky and Malteezies here, the foster carers told us Malteezies would eat anything as a kitten and eat so much he’d vomit. He even got his head stuck in a tin of cat food when he was little. Here you can see he has pulled out threads from the (original from the 1930s) carpet. We have to keep snipping threads wherever we see them. He even scratched the lining underneath his cat scratch post to get threads out, fortunately I was right there when he did it and managed to keep the 30cm threads off him. He’s the happiest, laziest, most hilarious and ridiculous cat I’ve ever known so I really hope he outgrows this habit before his second birthday in January:

lazy fat cat

Punky isn’t as silly, but he’s definitely the naughtier of the two, doing anything to climb up high (his brother just sits on the floor looking up). Punky has got himself stuck at the top of a door more than a few times. He climbs up the screen door then balances on the open wooden door but can’t get back down, so we have to position a beanbag for a soft landing. I’ll be sitting in another room, hear him climbing the screen door, then sounds of him trying to get down but changing his mind, then the sound of the pooooffff soft landing on the beanbag. Then it all starts again. He always greets me in the morning or when I come home… while his brother just lazes around, as above:

punky patrol


– Krishna on Barkly Indian restaurant in Footscray made a post on their Facebook page asking if anyone would be keen on seven days of buffet in the lead up to Christmas. YES I WOULD!

Animal Activists and Law Making free public lecture at Melbourne University on November 30th at 5:30

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Bill That Requires Labs to Retire Cats and Dogs From Testing Passed in California

Victory For Orcas At SeaWorld San Diego

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Living Mini Brains That Cost Just 25 cents Could Replace Animal Testing

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Have a great weekend and better week ahead!

8 thoughts on “Week In Review and What I Ate

  1. your cats always look adorable – the string monster must be a little scary but hopefully it is kittenish mischief! the vegan richa meals looks great and I hope your flowers survived that thunderstorm last night – it was very fierce – hope the rain holds off for the refugee march today!

    Always love your reading lists – am interested in the neil gaiman article. it reminds me of an interesting one I saw this week about how it is important for kids to still learn to hand write for lots of cognitive benefits.

  2. I always like what Neil Gaiman has to say period! I hadn’t read that article, very affirming and inspiring, makes me feel good about people coming in to the shop looking for books. It was good to follow after the body shop article pissed me off so much but I’m so happy there are whistle blowers on the watch. Delicious week of eating and I just want to rub Malt’s belly in that picture!