In My Kitchen November 2015

In My Kitchen this month are a bunch of treats I received in the World Vegan Day Melbourne showbag. I was also gifted a goodies bag by Zomato with World Vegan Day and some of those treats are shown below.

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Let’s start with sweets! In My Kitchen there was *cough* Loving Earth Chocolate, The Red Balloon vegan jellies, raw bars by Bananinha and a coconut rough chocolate ball by Constant Craving. These were all gifted or included in the WVD showbag. I bought the Jokerz bar and the Cleo bar myself when standing in the Smith & Deli queue. I’m not really in to chocolate bars (and let’s face it, the vegan ones often cost like five million dollars) but I decided to try these. They were okay, a bit too sweet for my tastes but at least I can say I’ve tried them 🙂

In My Kitchen November 2015

I received everything in the next picture as part of the WVD show bag or the goodies bag that was gifted to me. I quite like the Rebel Kitchen mylks, they have a very small number of base ingredients (four, if I remember correctly). I’m looking forward to using the Organic Noodle Kitchen beetroot noodles (just need to find a dish that works well for them!). The Deli Thins wafers are very thin and nice with the Damona cheese I have (shown further down).

In My Kitchen November 2015

The Primal Strips vegan jerky was a gift. I’ve never tried vegan jerky and while I like the taste of Texas BBQ anything, these were a bit too chewy for me (I know, I know… it’s jerky. And a damn fine vegan jerky!). I bought the gochujang when standing in the Smith & Deli queue another day and pounced on it because there are some recipes in Street Vegan that call for it.

I saw these nectacots at a small market. I’m a sucker for any kind of name that is a slightly cringey amalgamation of two things (does anyone remember Woolworths and their short lived ‘scoffins’? A combo of scone and muffin? No? My kids want to join a banana with a plum so they can make a bum… Anyway.). I tried one and it was a little too bitter so I’ll leave the others for a while. In My Kitchen I also have this vegan pepperjack cheese by Damona Non-Dairy Cheeses, made locally here in Melbourne. We have quite a few great plant based cheeses here in Melbourne! And finally, In My Kitchen you will always find a happy, lazy cat!

In My Kitchen November 2015

In My Kitchen is a monthly blog link up hosted by Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and I’m submitting this blog post of mine for November 2015. While not a vegan-specific event, anyone can join in and you can also discover new blogs, recipes, products, etc! Thank you to Celia for hosting 😀

26 thoughts on “In My Kitchen November 2015

  1. I feel the same way about the candy bars -too sweet, nothing special but it’s cool they exist. I like my chocolate unadulterated. I also resonate with your kids senses of humor 😉

  2. Beetroot noodles, interesting. I’ve made beetroot gnocchi in the past, but love to try these. I am not overly keen on the Primal bars, I found them too ‘meaty’. I am envious of your gochujang as I want it for the same reasons, I want to cook from Street Vegan too! I will have to go Bristol, England to get some. Anyway, loved having a look at what in your kitchen.

  3. What a haul – world vegan day was very kind to you. I would be curious to try vegan jerky though I never tried the beef kind so have no comparison (or yearnings) and worry it would taste too meaty. Shame the beetroot noodles aren’t more pink but then I find that beetroot often dyes baking less than I expect (hands are a different matter). The chocolates look good – I would love to taste the jokerz bar and you have me regretting not being more curious while waiting at Smith and Deli (though last time I hardly waited at all which was a shock)

    • it was because of the long queue that I picked up the chocolates! The Jokerz bar was that very chewy caramely sort. I’m not really a fan of nougat but thought I’d give this a go. There will be stalls at WEEAC at CERES on the 15th, not sure if anyone will be selling them though!

    • my cats laze about right in the middle of the (tiny) floor– I love them but it’s a bit of a nuisance sometimes 😛

  4. I can’t eat the Go Max Go chocolate bars, I just find them far too sweet for my preference. I really like the Eli Earth Bars, but tragically you can’t get them here any more and they are hard to find even when I am traveling in the US.

    • the cats are always there whether I want them to be or not! Actually no they’re not often there when I want them to be for photos.

  5. I’ve never heard of nectacots. I’m sure they’ll sweeten up a little upon standing. My friend’s grandmother used to make ‘pumpricot’ jam to use up her excess pumpkins. A very nice haul!

  6. Faye, I thoroughly enjoyed your IMK post — humorous writing! Those Deli Thins crackers sound good (I love a whisper thin cracker that’s gluten free, too, yay!) and your beetroot pasta is appealing, although I’m coming up short on ideas for pairing it, too. Some of the flavored pastas I’ve tried (tomato & cracked black pepper, lime cilantro) provide more “color” than “taste” so I think you’re pretty safe in combining it with your favorite sauce. Fun post!