What I Ate… Lately

Whoops, a bit late with this again so let me distract you with a cat staring at fruit picture:

cat with fruit

My giveaway (for US readers) for Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen is still running here for a few more hours yet! One of the meals I’d made was a chickpea spinach curry and I’d frozen some leftovers. This is one of my favourites:

chickpea spinach curry

I have a review coming up of the new Gardein products (well, new to Australia at least!). So far I’ve tried the beefless meatballs. Here I’ve served them with a roasted red pepper and tomato sauce I’d made previously:

gardein beefless meatballs

Also from the new Gardein range are the Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Wings. They come with a sachet of sauce and I had them on a quinoa wrap topped with baby spinach, a rice-quinoa mix, nectarines and cooked red onion:

gardein bbq wings

I was on a bit of a mission to use stuff in the house. I’ve had these yuba (dried bean curd) sheets for ages. I love those crispy bean curd rolls and thought I’d try my own with a filling of all the veggies lying forgotten in the fridge plus garlic and ginger. It was a near disaster, the yuba sheets were impossible to separate without bits breaking everywhere so I had no choice but to soak multiple stuck-together sheets then try and get enough of the yuba to form a wrap. It worked in the end even though the rolls looked awful but once they finished baking, they were okay:

yuba veggie rolls

We went out for some errands then the whole family was hungry. Grill’d was nearby so I got the Friends of Falafel burger (make sure to mention you want it vegan):

Grill'd felafel burger

The rest of what I ate is poopy looking smoothies (you know that colour you get when you have blueberries and greens together?). Most of the time my breakfast is a smoothie or overnight oats. Other times I’ve simply forgotten to take photos of my lunches and dinners!

I’ve started a Facebook page as a tie-in with this blog (after being resistant to the idea for ages). It’s not looking all fancy yet and I’m still learning how to do Facebook page admin stuff, but I’ll be posting more animal/vegan related links there, photos and so on. Certainly photos of my cats because they give me lots of ridiculous content. You can find the Veganopoulous page at http://www.facebook.com/Veganopoulous-745083332264944/

Have an ace weekend!

12 thoughts on “What I Ate… Lately

  1. He is staring so intently at the fruit, so much love in his eyes. So much yearning. He is a cat that longs for that fruit.
    Did he get it?

    I love yuba, but the dried stuff is such a pain. Sometimes I find it ‘fresh’ in the Asian grocery stores, which makes wrapping and rolling so much easier. Once in Japan I had actual fresh yuba from an actual yuba only shop and it was amazing! Your rolls still look very pretty though. 🙂

    • do you know when I discovered how bean curd skin is made, I smacked myself on the head because it was SO obvious. I always thought it was skinny skinny pressed tofu or something. ha no, cat didn’t get the fruit. He looks so angelic in that picture, we just crack up at it.

  2. I got a shock when I read the title “what I ate lately” and saw the cat staring at me – but I know you wouldn’t eat your gorgeous cats 🙂

    I had tofu skins once and no idea what to do with them – wrapping and baking is a good idea – they look delicious and those meat balls look so tempting

    • the meatballs were pretty good, though my family don’t eat meatballs of any kind so I’m not inclined to make my own from scratch!

  3. Your photographs are fantastic and sharp. Lots of yummy goodness. And the kitty is so adorable! (I miss my Moggy). I’ve never had or cooked with Yuba, so you have my admiration of putting something together with it. My husband loves veggie meatballs, so it makes an appearnce in our home often, though the sauce varies.

    • I think the problem with these products is you can be tempted to eat too much of them at once so you need lots of other stuff on the plate!