Fina’s 2 Vegan Restaurant, Fitzroy

Fina's 2 Vegan Restaurant Fitzroy

Fina’s 2 Vegan Restaurant is a relatively new-ish restaurant (about a year old) in the heart of vegan town– Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. Like Fina’s Vegetarian Cafe in Richmond, Fina’s 2 boasts delicious Vietnamese cuisine, though Fina’s 2 is all-vegan.

The menu itself is the sort I appreciate most because there are pictures of everything. I make no secret of the fact I get more use out of cookbooks that have pretty pictures, but that’s not for here. Aaaanyway, moving on people, I went for my default in Vietnamese restaurants which is pretty much any kind of curry and a noodle salad. After ordering I realised I’d ordered the same (or similar) curry the last time I went to Fina’s in Richmond but that’s cool cos I really like it. This one didn’t disappoint either, though I did sneak some of the tofu from the vermicelli noodle salad in to the curry sauce just to up the amount of tofu. The photo is up the top and I had it with white rice.

The noodle salad was great too, full of tofu, chopped spring rolls and those beautiful fresh flavours of Vietnamese cooking. It’s served with a small bowl of sweet dressing, or you can dunk your spring rolls in to it:

Fina's 2 Vegan Restaurant Fitzroy

On one other occassion I ordered the satay chicken claypot with rice. This was really tasty though it’s only mock meat and no veg and didn’t have the kind of satay taste I was expecting. I ordered it by mistake, thinking I was getting the similar menu item with veggies. It’s the kind of dish to order when you’re with a group and can share it out:

Fina's 2 Vegan Restaurant Fitzroy

The kids wanted a drink and both decided on the strawberry frappe made with crushed ice. I tried a bit and it was nice, not sickly sweet as I was expecting. It was sweet, but not waaaay sweet. Arthur and DeeW said they’ll try the mango frappe next time:

Fina's 2 Vegan Restaurant Fizroy

We visited around 1pm for lunch and the place was pretty busy, though the two serving staff were great and our meals and drinks were on the table in ten minutes. Same with when we visited around 8:30pm. It was really busy at that time but again our food came out quickly.

Fina's 2 Vegan Restaurant Fitzroy

I can see myself back at Fina’s 2 any time now. It took me long enough to get there (almost a year… losing vegan food blogger points for that) so I gotta make up for it and eat through the menu. Problem is so much looks great, I’ll have to take a Nerf gun or something and fire randomly at a picture of food to make my choice. Other menu options included a banh mi, pho, grilled pork skewer, rice paper rolls, spring rolls, tofu dishes, stir fry veg with tofu, Vietnamese pancake and more. The desserts cabinet was heartily stocked with goodies from some of Melbourne’s great vegan businesses like The Compassionate Kitchen and Rawfully Healthy.

Fina’s 2 has been visited by Where’s The Beef? and Not My Bread and Butter.

FIna’s 2 Vegan Restaurant

339 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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Fina's 2 Vegan Restaurant Fitzroy


10 thoughts on “Fina’s 2 Vegan Restaurant, Fitzroy

  1. I walked past here several times when I was in Melbourne last year, but didn’t get a chance to try it out. Might see if I can get away there for dinner one night when I am there for OCC.

  2. Fina’s 2 is one of my favourite ‘too lazy to cook’ options – I’ll often order the spicy noodles. Recommend trying the sweet potato street food option – it’s basically deep fried sweet potato and I love it. 😀

  3. Thank you, you’ve just made it easy for me to decide where to go next! I havent been there yet but you’ve convinced me!!

    • I had to leave the taro! I don’t mind it but I was so full and I preferred the other veg. I looove taro in sweeter things though, like taro-sweet potato spring rolls 😀