What I Ate: The Krishna Indian Restaurant Vegan Buffet Version

Krishna On Barkly Christmas buffet

Back in December, Krishna Indian Restaurant (aka Krishna on Barkly) in Footscray held a Seven Days of Christmas all vegan buffet. I KNOWWWW RIGHT?! SEVEN DAYS OF INDIAN FOOD BUFFET. I was lucky enough to go twice and enjoyed some fabulous food and good times. Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe has a more detailed writeup of the food we ate, which you can read here.Krishna On Barkly Christmas buffet

Krishna On Barkly Christmas buffet

Krishna On Barkly Christmas buffet

That was all quite a while ago now, and I’m supposed to be blogging What I Ate weekly… whoops. Here’s a tofu veg noodle stir fry made with ginger, garlic, sesame oil and orange juice:

orange ginger tofu noodles

I made a slightly modified version of the black pepper tofu recipe from Where’s The Beef?:

black pepper tofu

I’ve pulled out the cookbooks again so I can get some more reviews happening. I’ve previously blogged about what I’ve made from Isa Does It but the photos were so awful that I feel I have to do justice here and revisit my favourites and the recipes I haven’t tried. Here’s the Harira (from Isa Does It). Love this:

vegan harira from Isa Does It

Another book I’m going through to review is Isa’s Vegan Brunch. I don’t really do justice either to this book, because I only really use it for a couple waffle and pancake recipes. I’m not a brunch-at-home person but of course these recipes can be made any time. These are the old fashioned Chelsea waffles, topped with strawberries and nectarines:

vegan waffles from Vegan Brunch

I love blueberry banana smoothies. Unfortunately this awesome smoothie jar that I had won broke (that’s what you get when you’ve left it in the sink then empty boiling water from the pasta pot on top of it). Like the Bee Gees would say, TRAGEDY:

blueberry smoothie

Krishna On Barkly are gearing up for a Valentine’s Day buffet. Oooooh!

10 thoughts on “What I Ate: The Krishna Indian Restaurant Vegan Buffet Version

  1. Oooohhh.. .that Buffet looks gooooooood!
    I also haven’t given Vegan Brunch enough consideration. I do really like the cinnamon rolls and the coffee cake recipe is awesome.
    What sort of waffle iron do you have?

    • A crappy Kogan one! It was about $30 and actually turned off halfway through cooking last year. A relative fixed it but it was still annoying. Then again I hated my more expensive Cuisinart belgian waffle maker!

  2. your photos of krishna on barkly are amazing – I keep taking photos of Isa Does it and promising myself to write about it soon but need to find time – and was back to vegan brunch recently – isa does have amazing cookbooks. And just checked krishna on Barkly as thought we might go soon but they are closed from today for a few weeks – waaaah

    • I think Krishna will be back with a bang for Valentines Day! I still look through Isa Does it and drool over everything. It’s such a good looking and feeling book!

  3. I’m surprised a canning jar would break from boiling water, that’s what they’re designed for. too bad though πŸ™ I haven’t had Indian in so long cause I’m worried there will be ghee in everything, your pics make me want to call up my local restaurant and ask if they use dairy. Now I have the Beegee’s stuck in my head πŸ˜‰

    • ha, that Bee Gees song! All I know of it is “Tragedy, doo doo doo doo doo”. That’s how I sing it because I never know their lyrics. Yeah I was really disappointing with the smoothie jar breaking, it was the perfect size!

  4. A vegan Indian buffet sounds too good to be true! And your own food looks so delicious! The waffles are so lovely. I kind of gave up on waffles because I can never get the shape right, but I see in your comment above you didn’t like your belgian waffle maker and that’s what I have, so perhaps I just need to try a different machine?

    • my Belgian waffle maker used to burn the waffles on the inner corners (it was a 4-waffle maker) and I constantly had to stop and rotate the waffles. I tried adjusting heat, following advice from the booklet etc but it did nothing. Then I got the cheapie waffle maker and so far it has worked the best, though it doesn’t have a temperature adjustment and they sometimes get a little burnt.