More Visits To The Glass Den In Coburg

The Glass Den Coconut Hotcakes Summer fruits

Back in October 2015, I visited The Glass Den in Coburg. You can read about that here. I’ve been back a few times because it’s quite easily my favourite place in Melbourne, or anywhere really, for breakfast/brunch (though I’d eat there at any time).

I’ve loved every meal I’ve had and service is consistently good. Make sure you check out the specials board too!

One of the nicest meals I’ve had anywhere is the Breakfast Soba. I’d love to make this at home but I suspect I’ll leave it for trips back to The Glass Den. Green tea soba noodles alongside sauteed kale, garlic polenta crusted oyster mushrooms (these were excellent), pine nuts (though these weren’t on mine) and a kale sesame crumble for $16.50:

The Glass Den Coburg Breakfast Soba

The vegan option Biggy ($22) was another I wanted to try and it didn’t disappoint either. Sourdough toast with Dutch carrots, smoked coconut, mushrooms, beans, tomato, sautéed kale and a beetroot relish. This was fantastic, though the coconut bacon is not shown in the photo.

The Glass Den vegan Biggy

I’d seen online that the toppings on the coconut hotcakes ($18) had changed since my last visit and are now served with different fruits. The current menu says “almond meal hotcakes, grilled banana, jackfruit, lotus root compote, maple syrup, toasted coconut, taro chips and coconut mousse”. These look beautiful and like last time, diners near me were looking at my meal with big eyes (and I was kicking back like The Fonz going ehhhh, vegannnn *thumbs up*). The hotcakes themselves aren’t sweet which is perfect for me, though the toppings are pretty sweet making this overall a great option for those who love a sweet breakfast. It’s gluten free too:

The Glass Den Coconut Hotcakes Summer fruits

Neglect the specials board at your peril! I couldn’t decide what to order off the menu and took a look at the specials board. Sticky date pancakes with cashew cream and pistachio brittle? Yes please! These tasted great though the pancakes did defeat me with their sweetness and I couldn’t finish it all. The cashew cream was just right for sweetness. If you love sweet pancakey meals and see this on the specials board, get it! I can’t remember if this was gluten free though:

The Glass Den sticky date pancakes


Food is always beautifully presented. The vegan meals are also popular with non-vegans and I truly believe The Glass Den does an exceptional job with showcasing how awesome vegan food can be and busting the silly myth that we only eat boring salad.

With their excellent, well thought out vegan options, The Glass Den continues to be my top pick! If you’re visiting Melbourne, it’s really easy to get to. Just catch the #19 tram up Sydney Road from the city and get off at Bell Street. The Glass Den is a short walk from there.

You can read about some recent visits to The Glass Den by bloggers Green Gourmet Giraffe, Quinces and Kale and Where’s The Beef?

The Glass Den

15 Urquhart Street

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12 thoughts on “More Visits To The Glass Den In Coburg

    • thanks! Yes, the hotcakes are kind of like a siren call for me. I know I won’t be able to eat the whole thing because they’re sweet but damn that first half is SO GOOD.

  1. My sister is heading to Melbourne soon, I have to send her your review of this place! Everything is so bright and beautiful with the tiny flowers, almost wouldn’t want t eat it 😉

    • oooh yes she must go there if she can (easy with public transport). And she definitely has to go to Smith & Deli (closed Sun and Mon)

  2. Oh my gosh, that all looks so great. I usually feel like savoury breakfasts when I go out but those hotcakes would sure tempt be – especially the stick date ones….ooh la la! I need to get out there and check this place out.

  3. oooh sticky date pancakes! I enjoyed the biggy more than the pancakes but your photos are amazing – I wonder if the pancakes changed after we were there as I think we had candied lotus roots which were pretty but maybe my memory is gone awry (we didn’t have pink cream on top). And I think you have convinced me on the soba noodles – is that coconut bacon on them?