In My Kitchen March 2016

I sat out last month’s In My Kitchen because I couldn’t think of things to show on the blog, despite being determined to participate monthly. Hot weather doesn’t help when your study doesn’t have air conditioning and I’m a computer-on-my-desk person and not so much in to laptops.

In My Kitchen this month I’ve been doing a bit of a pantry reshuffle. I bought this plum vinegar for a few recipes and have never really used it since. I don’t even remember what the recipes were. The liquid smoke was purchased ages ago from an Australian manufacturer online. We don’t have liquid smoke in regular supermarkets here and you often have to seek out little specialty stores. My favourite thing to make with liquid smoke is coconut bacon, though I tend not to make it at all these days due to the superfast rate of disappearance.

plum vinegar liquid smoke

A couple months ago I bought a bowl and plate for myself from Made In Japan, a stall at the Queen Victoria Market. I love them and have been getting a lot of use out of them. The bowl has a tofu and veg noodle stir fry and the plate shows the vegan ravioli and fennel sausage from Mrs Monagle’s Ethical Fine Foods that I reviewed recently:

mrs monagles cashew cheese ravioli

Made In Japan bowl

I joined a Vegan Box Swap group where you and a swap partner from another part of the world send each other vegan goodies. I’ve teamed up with someone from the UK. I knew I wanted to send locally made/Australian items. I saw these Fox’s Chunkies cookies which many vegans I know eat. I read the packet in the supermarket and it said “made in our Victorian bakehouse” and I thought sweet, a local product (I live in Melbourne, capital city of the state of Victoria). I got home and read the rest of the packet which said made in our Victorian bakehouse. IN LANCASHIRE. Whoops. I rarely buy biscuits/cookies (I prefer to make my own) but these were nice:

foxs dark choc chunkies

Punky loves sitting on top of the fridge, which involves him dropping lots of magnets as he scrambles to the top:

punky fridge

His brother Malteezies loves the washing machine and when it’s draining he sits in the laundry sink. He thinks it’s totally awesome. Here he is on top of the washing machine:

maltsy washing machine

In My Kitchen I love to display random cards and such:

wall cards

A few months ago we went to the free Studio Cats exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. This was the kids exhibition and featured all things feline by Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei. Weiwei designed the cat wallpaper. Isn’t it the best wallpaper ever?! If you love cats? I love it! The bike sculpture is in the foyer and there’s also the magnificent stained glass ceiling. DeeW and I chilled out a bit in the outdoor area with the beanbags. I was so glad the wallpaper was shown in a little booklet because I cut it out and stuck it on the wall above:

NGV Studio Cats kids

Not so much In My Kitchen here but animals are always awesome!  We had a group excursion to a farm where we learned that alpacas are great for keeping foxes away. And I’ve just realised I’ve put in two photos of the same horse because I accidentally deleted the photo of the other horse we saw:

farm visit

Things have slowed down in my kitchen this past month mostly because of the hot weather. March is set to be the hottest on record and last night I believe we had the hottest March night recorded. Urgh. It’s supposed to be autumn! I take heart though that the weather people think today will be the last really hot day for March.

In My Kitchen is a monthly blog link up now hosted by Maureen at The Orgasmic Chef. I’m submitting this blog post of mine for March 2016. While not a vegan-specific event, anyone can join in and you can also discover new blogs, recipes, products, etc! 😀

12 thoughts on “In My Kitchen March 2016

    • I have to start using it more, it sounds great on avocado but avocados cost about fifty million bucks 🙁

  1. I love the animals in your kitchen (or not) this month. The cats are gorgeous. I love the idea of swapping with another blogger. I like the cards!

    • they grow here but are expensive, we had an avocado supply shortage here around new years and had avocado rationing in some parts (bwahaha seriously) and prices were as high as $7 per avocado. Some of the growers thought there would be a drop in demand after Christmas so they sold most of their avocados pre-Christmas. Which was really good for sales but then the demand stayed so there was a shortage in January and prices jumped!

  2. I bought some of that liquid smoke recently but I find it so strong and smoky compared to the Colgin brand I have normally used in the past. And not in a good way, I have to be really careful or it makes everything taste like ash. :/

    The cat thing sounds like so much fun. Sad that it finished before I get down to Melbourne next.

    • the exhibition is worth it for the wallpaper alone. Well, it’s free and all but still worth it. I have Colgin smoke ready for when my current bottle finishes (in a few years probably)…

  3. I hope you get some cooler weather soon! I love the Japanese bowl and smiled at the Fox’s biscuit story. I haven’t tried them but Mr Bite likes them (not that he cares they are vegan). Also, reading the comment above, $7 for an avocado is crazy!!!

    • those Fox’s cookies got me, though they were quite a tasty mistake 🙂 Avocados are about $2 to $3 at the moment.

  4. I’ve slowed down on my liquid smoke recently and on plum vinegar – I have used plum vinegar in vegan sour cream which worked nicely I think – seems ages since I did it. I love your new plate – have admired it before – Hope your blog swap produces something for next month’s in my kitchen post!

    • I think I’ll go back for more plates, it makes me happy and “sparks joy” so it’s Konmari-friendly!