Ray Vegan Mezze Night in Brunswick

Ray Brunswick

I’m pretty late writing up this review because this particular $30 vegan mezze night at Ray in Brunswick was back in February. I meant to go back for another meal (to take proper photos too: see camera woes, below) then do a bigger blog post about it including the mezze night, but I haven’t had a chance to return. So here’s a belated writeup (and I will make it back there for a meal, if not another vegan mezze night!)

I went along with a big vegan dining group (twenty five people all up! We were on separate, but large, tables). You can read a review of the evening by Rosalie over at Quinces and Kale. I have misplaced my very crappy mental notes so I’m relying on Rosalie’s notes . You can read about another mezze night over at Where’s The Beef? who went to another vegan mezze night from late January.

It’s a pretty nice space inside and because I was so early, I made use of the bookshelf with the cookbooks and other reading material. There’s a small outdoor seating area out the back, art work on the walls and friendly staff.

Ray Brunswick

After switching lenses for my photos, I was having issues with my camera completely misbehaving and so my food photos haven’t turned out well. It sucks when you realise your camera needs a checkup right when you’re taking food pics!

So our set price for the evening was $30 per person, with five courses to be served. First up, some tamari roasted almonds and Tooluka (from South Australia) olives in sherry vinegar:

Ray's vegan mezze night Brunswick Ray's vegan mezze night Brunswick

Next up was edamame in coriander salt (not shown, the camera wouldn’t focus properly) and sweet potato chips with chipotle cream. I loved the chipotle cream but kinda wished the chips were a little thicker. Not complaining though:

Ray's vegan mezze night Brunswick

Next was roasted spiced corn and pickled vegetables with (if I remember correctly) some tahini based cream and a sweet beet relish. The corn tasted great and the pickled vegetables were done really well:

Ray's vegan mezze night Brunswick Ray's vegan mezze night Brunswick

The highlight dish for me and some of the others at the table were the crispy mock chicken kimchi tacos. I loved these and was really pissed off to see how crappy my photos turned out because I wanted to do this dish justice. So I’m sorry, all you get is a most unjust representation of a fantastic dish. I’d order these off a menu for sure:

Ray's vegan mezze night Brunswick

The tacos were served with a tomato salad, cucumber dressing and topped with a vegan parmessan. I wasn’t keen on this one as it unfortunately lacked flavour and a few of us sitting together agreed this was our least favourite of the night:

Ray's vegan mezze night Brunswick

Next was the fig and strawberry palate cleanser. Mannn this was hard to photograph with a camera that is dire need of a service. I couldn’t really taste the figs (I’ve been spoilt by sweet homegrown figs my whole life) so I was a little disappointed by this, but it was better received by others at the table who don’t like figs because they couldn’t taste the fig! So there you go!

Ray's vegan mezze night Brunswick

The final dish was a chocolate cheesecakey dessert with ice cream on the side. My camera would not focus and was wheezing all over the place with weird lights going off by this stage, so I regret not getting a beautiful picture of this as it was really very good:

Ray's vegan mezze night Brunswick

I’ve seen photos of other vegan mezze nights and the courses seem to change from night to night, but everything I’ve seen has been well received by those posting about it. For $30 per head, particularly in the inner city, this is a bargain. I would happily go back for another vegan mezze night, or to try the vegan menu options. Last night Ray held a Greek themed vegan mezze night and they served lentil moussaka, spinach and ricotta filo parcels, a chip kebab with jackfruit and tzaziki, black rice stuffed cabbage, Greek doughnuts, date baklava (and more). Gahhh reading that, I wish I’d gone because it sounds fab and I’m a bit jealous. Next time!

Ray Brunswick


332 Victoria Street, Brunswick



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10 thoughts on “Ray Vegan Mezze Night in Brunswick

  1. What a bummer about your camera, like it was trying to tell you to take the night off and just enjoy the meal 😉 30$ really is a bargain for a Melbourne restaurant and that Greek night sounds so good! You’ll have to go back!

    • definitely! Though I just realised today I’ve forgotten about taking my camera in for a checkup and I have a dinner tomorrow, gahhhh.

  2. I am glad you posted about the meal because you have lots of gorgeous photos here – sorry they didn’t all turn out as you wanted (now you know how I feel about taking photos – ha ha) but mot of them are fab – hope your camera has had a stern talking to and is behaving itself now. I hope I get the chance to get there one night as I missed the meal.

    • we should definitely have another dinner there, seeing as the menu changes considerably. I forgot to see about getting my camera checked and we have the Italian vegan dinner tonight… yikes! Hoping the lighting is good because the low-light lens was playing up!

  3. Naughty camera! This sounds like a fun night from all the reviews I read about it. Though did I read somewhere that it is only on Thursdays? Every time I am in Melbourne on a Thursday, it is sacred trivia and junk food at The Cornish Arms night. 😉

    • yep it’s only Thursdays. if they post the next menus in advance I’ll try to go back, some of the other foods they’ve made (that I haven’t tried) really look good. And for $30!

  4. What a cool looking place! And you did a great job with your pics considering. I used to have a camera that would NOT focus on anything if it was the slightest bit dark (ie. inside a building) so I know your frustration! Even with a better camera, I’m always trying to get a seat near the window at restaurants. haha

    • ha me too! I go straight for the window seats but it’s dark early now. It’s really funny going to dinner with other bloggers because we’re all moving lights and helping eachother with shots, ha!