In My Kitchen April 2016

I’m glad summer is over (summer… blergh) and that we’re in autumn but I’m also in that semi-panic mode of realising it’s already April and there are a few things I had planned to have done by now that haven’t really happened. Oh well, don’t sweat the small stuff I say! I’m back in to that constant state of decluttering and if you’re on Instagram, there are quite a few people using the hashtag #4monthpurge. I’ve been doing a bit of Konmari method cleaning and sorting and let me tell you folks, it sure is handy to have the clothes folded and displayed Konmari style. Better than digging through layers of clothing in a drawer looking for my geek Zork t-shirt!

Blurry cat here is always hanging around In My Kitchen. Here he is doing his innocent head-on-the-side pose, except the camera wasn’t on the correct setting. Then he moved his big head:


In My Kitchen this month is some Mexican oregano. Finally, I found some in Prahran Convenience store. They also have quite a few dried chillis there and are overall a great store for plant based meats and dairy-style foods. I have a few recipes that call for Mexican oregano and to date I’ve been using regular dried oregano. Now I feel my recipes will be that little bit more authentic…


I have a bunch of raw chocolate from The Chocolate Yogi (based in Sydney) but alas, they’re not for me. This is my favourite raw chocolate, but with my order here I received three free truffles. One disappeared before I took the photo. Funny that!


In My Kitchen, for a very short limited time, was this new flavour by local vegan ice cream makers Zebra Dream. I’ve tried most of their flavours and love them all, especially the strawberry baobab but I admit I was a little skeptical about this lemongrass caramel. I love lemongrass, I love caramel, but together? Not so sure. I shouldn’t been skeptical at all because this was fantastic and that combination really works:


You will always find a bottle of this Kirkland grade A pure maple syrup in my kitchen. You can find these at Costco and they’re about $18AUD for a one litre bottle. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen pure maple syrup anywhere. The teeny bottles in the supermarket cost much more. Woolworths have a 100% pure Canadian maple syrup which is $6.79 for a 250ml bottle. Of course, you need a Costco annual membership to shop there but I tag along with my parents and use their membership:


Field Roast vegan products are now available in Australia and I tried the Mexican Chipotle sausage. Wowweeee these are spicy hot! Tasty, but too hot for me to use for the family:


Things have been kinda quiet and uninspired on the kitchen front lately. I go through phases where I am recipe testing or whatever and then boooommmm I’m just over it and don’t want to cook anything other than our standard fallback meals here at home. Fortunately I have some two-bean chilli in the fridge to last a few days, thanks to that Mexican oregano πŸ˜€

In My Kitchen is a monthly blog link up now hosted by Maureen at The Orgasmic Chef. IÒ€ℒm submitting this blog post of mine for April 2016. While not a vegan-specific event, anyone can join in and you can also discover new blogs, recipes, products, etc!Γ‚Β Γ°ΕΈΛœβ‚¬


33 thoughts on “In My Kitchen April 2016

  1. Ah even though I grow some herbs in the garden, I do use use loads of dried. I like tht you have Mexican oregano for authenticity, it does make a difference. I brought back some Cypriot oregano many years ago and noted the flavours were more pungent, unlike those in the UK which are weak. I’ve also made a bean dish over the weekend, using a British beans called Maple Peas aka Badger peas, will share later – look forward to seeing your beany dish.

    • ooooh your beans dish sounds fab! I’ve used Greek oregano before in some Mexican dishes (whoops). My mum often has dried oregano hanging up!

  2. Ah I mean’t to say I use the same maple syrup too. I tag along with family who are members too. I saw their agave syrup too, but maybe next time.

    • we used to be members years ago then figured it was more cost effective to have one family with the membership and the others leech off them πŸ˜›

  3. Ahh it was Yogi Chocolate! I remember your review a while back but couldn’t recall the brand and I’d wanted to ask mom to bring a bar back for me. Next time, she’ll be back there in a few months I’m sure. Your maple syrup is our Vegemite. Vegemite is ridiculously $ here! Mom takes maple syrup as gifts down south and brings us back Vegemite in jars so big were astounded. All you can get here is the tiny little jars that look like samples. Have you ever tried Birch tree syrup?

    Something about the quality of your cat photos I always can feel how soft their fur is with my eyes πŸ™‚

    • nope haven’t tried birch tree syrup but it’s funny you say that cos the other week my daughter and I were watching a video on how people make maple syrup (so obviously we’re experts now) and the guy was saying you can use birch trees. So now I have to track some down here though it’s probably going to cost a million bucks in a fancy specialty store. I’m sure it’s somewhere though!

  4. Birch syrup is pretty expensive here so I imagine it would be ridiculous over your way πŸ™ I did wonder in my head what kind of tree syrups Australia might produce then felt like a dunce remembering it requires freezing temperatures… though you do have ski hills… hahaha you might actually know more about making maple syrup than I do! πŸ˜‰

    • I know (from watching one video) that when you’re boiling up your huge pot of syrup you should do it outside otherwise all your kitchen surfaces will get sticky and steamy, but once the volume has significantly reduced when you boil outside, then you can finish it off in your kitchen πŸ˜›

  5. what a cute puss. i haven’t heard of mexican oregano just the greek stuff which we buy at the local greek store as it is tons nicer than supermarket stuff. i just love real maple syrup; i will have to find a friend who goes to costco!:)

    • Costco have the cheapest organic quinoa, coconut sugar, chia, cacao powder, coconut oil I’ve seen anywhere and of course the maple syrup. The downside is that you go there and feel the urge to part with so much money because things are ‘cheaper’ πŸ™‚

  6. Great to see a few interesting things in your kitchen – I like the look of the field roast sausages – do they do other flavours that are less spicy? Lemongrass caramel sounds really odd to me so good to hear it works. I really want to get costco maple syrup again but it took up so much room in my fridge – anyway I don’t have a membership but I should tag along with a member. I’m planning on an IMK post when I get back – not much cooking being happening but lots of interesting stuff to share! Now must pack too much stuff into too few cases – sigh

    • yep that lemongrass caramel proved me wrong I have to say, it seemed more gingery actually than lemongrassy. Field Roast do have some other flavours too but I only got the Mexican and didn’t want to get carried away (which I will in the future probably)!

  7. It’s funny to hear your different perspective on summer. We are so starved for warm weather here. We had a relatively easy winter but now it refuses to end. We are more than a couple of weeks into spring and we have 5 inches of snow on the ground. So depressing. I’m so happy we are doing the 4-month purge “together.” I need people to keep me on track. Month two now and I have to say I haven’t done much this last week or so. Got to get on it! I need to head to Costco for more of that maple syrup too. My daughter practically drinks it. πŸ˜‰

    • it’s funny that our seasons all around the world are out of whack now, our summers and in to autumn have changed, and your winters to spring! I haven’t done much purging this week either, but hopefully on Friday I’m getting rid of all the stuff I’ve put aside to donate which will fill the car boot. Even though it’s a huge lot of stuff, it still seems like a drop in the ocean!

  8. How do you find the Mexican compared to regular oregano? I’ve been umming and ahhing about a Costco membership. There is SO MUCH I want to buy from there but my nearest is a good 1.5hr drive and I’m not sure that I would use it enough to feel justified. Alas. Those sausages look quite authentic… I love spicy food but the rest of the family, not so much. Vegan truffles… yum!

    • I have to try more dishes with the Mexican oregano to see, next time I do lemon-oregano-garlic tofu I’ll make half with Mexican the other half with Greek. With Costco, when we used to have a membership years ago, my husband used to buy loads of a particular kind of milk and some other stuff and worked out that even with the membership he was saving compared to supermarkets. Then they stopped selling that milk so he didn’t renew our membership. I don’t really need stuff that often, it’s more when I run out of Medjool dates, cacao, coconut sugar or maple syrup that I ask my mum to get me some πŸ™‚

  9. What a gorgeous post. I am drooling over those grain sausages (I love spicy food) and I wish I could get in on someone else’s Costco card for that massive bottle of maple syrup! It’s the primary sweetener I use in my house too, alongside rice malt syrup, and it’s darn expensive to get the proper stuff as you say. I’ll have to look into stockists of that brand here in WA.
    As for the Mexican oregano, does it taste much different? I’m so curious now! Great to meet you (I am an IMK newbie as of last month) and I can’t wait to read more of your plant based recipes πŸ™‚ -Laura

    • hi Laura! I need to cook more with the Mexican oregano side by side with my greek oregano. Though I’ve just been reading about the great Australian oregano scam that’s going on as we speak with some of the oregano like Hoyts sold in supermarkets! The maple syrup really is the best one I’ve found anywhere though the price is a big factor πŸ˜‰

    • Zebra Dream is really great πŸ™‚ We also have another Melbourne vegan dairy called Half Pint who also do amazing ice cream and butter πŸ˜€

    • I can’t wait to have my fruit/veg/nuts garden up and running in the future but we can’t do anything until all our plumbing woes are over and our rubbish dangerous old shed demolished and replaced. Every time I plant stuff in pots, they die!

  10. I love Blurry Kitty photo! I’ve got some of those field roast sausages in my fridge to try too – glad to hear they have a kick as I am a fan of spiciness. I also actually have the Zebra Dream ice cream in my freezer too as I noticed the interesting sounding flavour on a trip to Prahran Convenience. I’ve only had one mouthful (the moment I got it home) and it seemed nice, though I didn’t have enough to know for sure πŸ˜‰ I really really REALLY want to go to Costco. I have thought about buying a membership but am keen to go along first – one of my work friends has a membership so I need to get her to take me next time. Also wanted to say I can totally relate to 1. the feeling of not achieving as much as I had hoped by this time in the year – ARGHHH and 2. the bouts of inspiration and then not when it comes to cooking….hence my poor little blog’s tumbleweeds for the last little while. I feel I’m about to get back into it though..might be the change in weather?

    • I go through periods where I lose mojo for blogging, cooking etc. It’s definitely the hot weather that defeats me because both the kitchen and study don’t have air con and I avoid being in those rooms! Deffo go on a scouting mission to Costco with your work friend!

  11. Yum – those sausages look devine. I’ve got a post coming up where I use chorizo sausages to make a ‘mexican sausage sandwich’, as we are addicted to mexican flavours in my household. Great ‘in my kitchen’ post.

    • ohhh you’re lucky to live near Prahran Convenience store! It’s at 196 Commercial Rd (be warned it’s a squishy store and there aren’t any price labels). At the back of the store on your right are the dried chillis and such. I haven’t cooked enough with the Mexican oregano yet to see how it compares to Greek, but some websites say the Mexican oregano tends to be more citrusy and the Greek/Cypriot oregano more ‘earthy’. Who knows! There’s also a store in Prahran I want to check out called Red Balloon Candy Artisans. Problem is when I go to Prahran Convenience I spend too much money πŸ˜‰