What I Ate: The Smith & Deli Edition

Smith & Deli croissants

Wowwww I’ve been mega slack with the What I Ates yet again, so I’ve decided to make lateness with What I Ate posts a regular theme.

For this What I Ate, I’m featuring a mega backlog bunch of eats from one of my favourite vegan places, Smith & Deli in Fitzroy. I blogged about Smith & Deli shortly after they opened last year and you can read my review here. Since then I’ve had plenty of visits and still maintain that their Home Alone sandwich (which is like a roast meal in a bread roll) is one of the best sandwiches anywhere, any time. Here it is, I can’t even look at a photo of it without making big pathetic lovesick eyes:

Smith & Deli Home Alone

Then there was the exciting day where Smith & Deli had made a deep dish pizza. This was so good, I started eating it right outside instead of taking it home to eat it warmed up with salad on the side. Pffft salad. Ha ha, so good I started eating before taking a photo:

Smith & Deli deep dish pizza

They make a pretty good Reubenstein too:

Smith & Deli Reuben

The Little Havana. Look at all that meltiness! Birdy likes it:

Smith & Deli Little Havana sandwich

I probably took this photo sitting down outside somewhere, given the head-in-the-feedbag angle. This is the Wiggum:

Smith & Deli Wiggum

I loved the Maury Ballstein which is meatbally and another excellent offering:

Smith & Deli Maury Ballstein

The Truffle Shuffle has vegan ham, cheese and truffle oil. Tasty with excellent bread, but a bit too rich for me:

Smith & Deli Truffle Shuffle

Aaaand because I’m ages late with this What I Ate I’ll bombard you with some pics of Melbourne scenes (well, Brunswick, Fitzroy and Footscray specifically).

blue fencepostbackyard flowers old scale

footscray window Footscray housestreets and roads

Have a fabulous week folks!


18 thoughts on “What I Ate: The Smith & Deli Edition

    • it’s a great sandwich 😀 I keep meaning to try something brand new but as I don’t go all that often, I always end up getting the sandwiches I really love.

  1. I still want to write about Smith and Deli – one day I will and have to hunt out all my photos from various visits. So you put me to shame with all your photos. And they are beautiful photos – both the sarnies and the street photos – I love the bluestone and the rusty verandah’s

    • thanks! I went out for another photo walk (well, really to walk off my Glass Den lunch!) but there weren’t many interesting fences and bluestone 😀

    • thank you! The problem with these sandwiches is that I keep wanting them more and I don’t live close enough to make it a regular thing 😉

    • thanks! On one hand I’m sorta glad they’re not close-ish to me so I can go more often but other times I’m all wailing that I don’t live closer 😛

    • I’ve had the olive oil pistachio brownies which were good. Ha, I spend the whole bus-tram journey to S&D planning what sandwich I’ll get.

  2. So excited to get back to Smith & Deli later on this year. So much great food there! I had the Home Alone on my last visit and I agree, it is the most beautiful sandwich in the world.