What I Ate: The Glass Den Edition

The Glass Den Coburg Hotcakes

The Glass Den in Coburg continues to be one of my favourite places to eat. I first reviewed The Glass Den in October 2015 and blogged about another visit. Since then I have enjoyed many more meals alone (that’s my ‘me time’!) or with family. Here’s a look at some of my favourite meals since then (which of course include things I’ve already blogged about, I just order them again because they’re so good).

I can’t go past the gluten free coconut hotcakes as the first photo up there! They’re always presented so beautifully. These seemed slightly different to the last time I tried them, a little more puffier and cake like but still great. The coconut mousse melted a bit before I had a chance to take the photo. Every time I’ve seen this dish, the toppings have changed a little.

My sister enjoyed the breakfast soba, probably my favourite on the menu. They’ve changed the presentation a bit, with all the components mixed up together (previously they were separated more). The noodles are different too but still my top pick:

The Glass Den Coburg breakfast soba

I’ve heard quite a few people say how much they love the beer battered fries. I’ve never ordered them before but got a large serving for our group of four to share. Some of the nicest chips I’ve had and the aioli was spicy with a bit of a chipotle (I think) heat:

The Glass Den Coburg fries

From a recent Special board, I ordered the Pattalung mushroom curry served with Turkish bread. This was excellent and although I’m purely a curry-with-rice person, this was good enough for me to put that personal preference aside. Still, I wouldn’t say no to a serve of this over loads of rice:

The Glass Den Coburg pattalung curry

My mum ordered the portobello burger. I had this the last time I visited The Glass Den and was surprised how great it was. Surprised, because I rarely order mushroom burgers when I’m out. The almond feta in this was really good:

The Glass Den Coburg mushroom burgerThe Glass Den Coburg seating

Pics of stuff on my long walk from from The Glass Den:

Bridges reserve coburg memorial West Coburg door Coburg flatsLofts shoe store sign Coburg

I’m slowly working through my backlog of restaurant photos and hope to be back to my regular weekly What I Ate (during the week) posts next week. Sometimes I feel the eats are a little too boring to stick up on the blog– I mean compared to the hotcakes up top there, everything pretty much pales in comparison!

12 thoughts on “What I Ate: The Glass Den Edition

  1. Never too boring! I follow in your footsteps with your recommendations. Please keep it up vehanopolous. Did you go to the vegan bake sale today? It was great!

    • Hi Meg, thanks! No I didn’t get to the bake sale today unfortunately but I did make it to the vegan sausage sizzle at Brunswick Bunnings 😀

  2. All the pictures look great. I love that you do such close up shots A) because you take really good close up shots and B) cause I can really see all the ingredients in the dish, like oh man, the taro sticks with the hot cakes!! Love the mail slot picture too! If I could choose meals like those at restaurants around here I’d be ordering the same thing all the time too 🙂

    • thanks! I like walking around the neighbourhood taking pics of stuff but I easily get bored with the same routes!

  3. The breakfast soba noodles sound sooo goooooood. I am intrigued by the hotcakes as well, but I am pretty sure there would be too much coconut fat in that dish for me. I would just need to taste test a little bit of someone else’s. 😉

    • I think the soba noodles are my favourite, I want to try and make them at home but then think I may as well keep it for those specials meals out at the Glass Den so I can appreciate it more!

  4. Maybe I need to try the breakfast soba – I actually was raving about the Glass Den when in Scotland recently because it is so good – I still rate their vegan brunch as one of my favourite ever. Would love to try the feta in a burger or even a sandwich. And love seeing your local photos.

    • The crumbed oyster mushrooms in the breakfast soba are really good but I think it’s the kale crumbly thing that really makes it.

    • It’s pretty good! I think there are a couple of things I haven’t tried, but it’s nice going to a place and ordering something you know is really good 🙂