What I Ate These Past Few Weeks

spinach noodles pesto

Now that we’re well in to autumn, I’ve been putting slightly more effort in to cooking. I still meal plan for myself, often cooking for about three or four days in a row. I’m trying to be a little more creative as well, in the hopes of finding a dish both kids like. So far, not much luck. I can only dream of a one pot meal the whole family will like that involves minimal effort on my part!

Pasta with different kinds of sauces is one thing I wish the family would like. DeeW will only eat one kind of pasta sauce. Arthur won’t touch sauce on his pasta, but will tolerate chopped up tofu and some nutritional yeast. Me, I go for anything. I found these spinach noodles in Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart in Braybrook and made up a sauce with whatever veggies needed to be used up. The base was made with a heap of tomatoes I roasted. Even with roasting the tomatoes and garlic, the sauce was blergh and bland and the colour of kaka thanks to all the spinach. I made it more interesting with a blob of home made pesto. Photo up the top there!

I like the Explore Asian brand of noodles like the black bean spaghetti. They’re gluten free and higher in protein and I use them for my meals as the kids don’t like them much. Here I just chopped up a heap of veg for a simple pasta sauce, topped it with a little coconut bacon and spinach pesto I’d made:

black bean spaghetti

Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe recenty posted a recipe for a pumpkin and kale soup with tempeh crumbles. I’ve written off tempeh mostly, the only way I enjoy it is sliced as thinly as possible, marinated bacon style and incinerated. Howeverrrr I had gone to Smith & Deli some months back and ordered their Maury Ballstein meatball sandwich and they put the crumbed tempeh shnitzel in by mistake instead of the meatballs. I only noticed halfway through and seeing as I loved that first half I guess I can say that there are *some* ways I will eat tempeh. Like not knowing I am eating tempeh. Okay so anyway as soon as I saw the tempeh crumbles in Johanna’s post I crossed my fingers and hoped I would find a sneaky packet of tempeh in the freezer. I didn’t, so I used some tofu instead. I also left out the kale part because I didn’t have any (I did stir through some baby spinach) but next time I’ll follow the recipe exactly, tempeh and all. I also mixed in a brown rice-quinoa blend I’d made and was wondering what to use it in. This is a great soup, with lovely smokey flavours:

soup from Green Gourmet Giraffe

We made pizza at home and I made this little one for myself with some Redwood Cheatin’ ham slices, red onion, sundried tomatoes, olives and a little Daiya cheddar. One day I will master the secret of rolling out pizza dough to form a circle:

vegan pizza

Victorian Marine Animal Defenders held a vegan sausage sizzle at Brunswick Bunnings (one of those massive home garden hardware type stores). I got a Tofurky kielbasa with onions. For those not playing at home in Australia, a sausage sizzle is usually a fund raiser where you get a sausage on a piece of white bread, onions optional:

VMAD sausage sizzle

I bought some fantastic apples from a stall at the Coburg Farmers Market (now held weekly on Saturdays). I made this apple crumble for the kids, which I give them for breakfast. I make my apple crumbles without any sugar in the filling. The filling is just the apples with a little cinnamon and lemon juice. That’s sweet enough so sugar isn’t necessary. For the crumble topping I use oats, coconut, almond meal (which I didn’t have this time), a little maple syrup and aquafaba so it’s oil free too. I started making this when the kids suddenly decided they both hated porridge and I wanted them to have something fruit and oaty for breakfast. Fortunately they’re back in to porridge:

low fat oil free apple crumble

I often buy loads of bananas that end up going spotty, so I either freeze them or make a healthier kind of banana bread for the kids. By healthier I mean cutting way down on the sugar and making it oil free. I use aquafaba and well, although the kids like the end result it’s not something I would serve to guests because it has Health Food Taste. You know? Anyway, so I’m on a bit of a mission to use up stuff in the pantry before buying anything else. I didn’t even measure for this banana bread, I just threw in this and that like black chia seeds, ground flax, lots of spotty banana and the liquid from a can of brown lentils. I didn’t bother writing anything down as I thought this would be crappy but it actually turned out well:

vegan banana loaf

Non-food pics! Pics of the week, including my cat Punky (named after Punky Brewster. My daughter was watching the show at the time we got the cats) squeezing himself in to a small box. He did manage to lie down with his front paws hanging out:

big cat in small boxvmadsausagesizzle2


If I’m on time, I’ll see you back here in a week with the next What I Ate!

4 thoughts on “What I Ate These Past Few Weeks

  1. Kitties love boxes! Except for my kitties, they don’t care about boxes at all. Odd.
    Animal Lib Queensland just had a vegan Bunning’s sausage sizzle here on Sunday. I wasn’t able to go, but I did go to the first one that they held last year and I ate four sausages. For the animals! 😉

  2. Wow so much good stuff – glad you enjoyed the soup but I think this is a good opportunity to try tempeh in a soup. who needs round pizzas when they look that good! I wish I had known about the vegan sausage sizzle (is that the bunnings on sydney rd) and I am impressed by your banana bread – it looks delicious to me and great texture which can be hard with vegan cakes – do you fluff up your aqua faba? I’ve got bananas and think I might make isa’s marbled banana and chocolate cake again

    • nope I just poured the aquafaba straight in, no whipping. I was mildly annoyed at how good it turned out as I hadn’t noted anything down! Yep the sausage sizzle was at the Bunnings on Sydney Road but out in the back carpark. I bought tempeh on Sunday and a big pumpkin 😀