Very Good Falafel in Brunswick

Very Good Falafel Brunswick

Shuki and Louisa, famous for their falafel and dips, have today opened their Very Good Falafel shop in Brunswick. I’ve been a fan of their falafel in pita for a while now, happily queuing for fifteen minutes at their stall on Wednesdays at the Melbourne University Farmers Market. It’s a fifteen minute queue sometimes, because so many people are fans and shows you how popular this very good falafel is! This is my usual from Shuki and Louisa’s market stalls:

shuki louisa felafel

So, I’m around Sydney Road more often than Melbourne Uni and I reacted with much glee to the news that Shuki and Louisa were opening a falafel shop in Brunswick. There are other falafel options around that area, but seeing as I make the trek to Melbourne Uni just for their falafel, I already pegged Very Good Falafel as my number one felafel place to visit in this area. Inside, there are some tables with bench style seats and stools, as well as the benches along the serving area and front window:

Very Good Falafel Brunswick

I met up with Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe for a falafel lunch. We took a look at the platters of food on display (beautiful looking potatoes!) and asked about the serving options. You can have your falafel in a pita (like the photo up above) or on a plate with sides and/or salad. The menu isn’t all vegan and the vegan options are, I believe, the falafel in the pita or on the plate with the sides. I like the falafel in pita so much that I was tempted to get it even though I’ve had it many times now, but I ended up getting the plate option. This was made up of three falafel balls with a tahini sauce, those beautiful potatoes, sliced fennel and radish salad and cooked leafy greens with flaked almonds. I got a pita on the side as well. A really satisfying and delicious lunch and so good to have yet another tasty vegan option available in the Brunswick/Coburg area. Johanna and I got the same meal with the pita and it totaled $26:

Very Good Falafel Brunswick

Shuki and Louisa’s website lists their stockists and the markets they will be at. The website also mentions the use of locally sourced ingredients, including chickpeas from Louisa’s family farm.

Very Good Falafel Brunswick

With fresh ingredients and falafel that, for me, are just right with their crunchy outside and soft insides, I see quite a few return visits to Very Good Falafel happening. Either that, or you’ll find me in the queue at farmers’ markets 🙂

Very Good Falafel Brunswick

Very Good Falafel

629 Sydney Road


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14 thoughts on “Very Good Falafel in Brunswick

  1. Nice to catch up today – that speed you have got your review up is almost as impressive as your beautiful photos. I was amazed at how good the falafel was – having only had their dips before – and how filling that salad plate was – I definitely hope to return

    • it was pretty good! Those salad-sides must change because they have different ones today so it’s more tempting to go back now!

  2. looks awesome, you get so many photos, do you ask permission first? I’m not sure photos would go down so well in Berlin. Nice to see a place right near where I used to live 🙂

    • yep I always asked permission, although if it’s a place I’ve previously asked at (like Loving Hut, I asked them in the past and the same guy who is still there and sees me had told me okay). I always mention I don’t photograph people, just the food and space 🙂 I am still really self conscious taking photos because I look like the wanker with the DSLR!

  3. Oh I love a good falafel, I tend to make them myself these days as the ones here are really dry 🙁
    I will have to bookmark this place YUM
    Thanks so much for sharing
    Gourmet Getaways

    • no problem! I always mean to make my own then I think I have such good options around me I should just keep them for special meals out!

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