What I Ate: Greek Easter Sunday Edition

The Greek Orthodox Easter was on May 1st this year. My parents always have lunch at their house so this week’s What I Ate is based on that, because there were quite a lot of leftover dishes!

For Easter lunch my mum made ‘yemista’, which are stuffed vegetables. She makes them vegan for me, but people make them plant based during the fasting ‘nistia’ period of the Greek Orthodox calendar, like Lent. If a food is said to be ‘nistisimo’ it is deemed to be suitable for the fasting periods, however this does not mean it is vegan. There are cheeses sold as nistisimo that contain casein. Some people still eat  honey and shellfish during fasting but others may give up olive oil. So it’s not a vegan-as-we-know-it thing.

vegan yemista Greek stuffed vegetables

Mum also made ‘gigantes’ which are like a Greek version of baked beans. You can find these in cans at supermarkets and continental delis but really, home made is so much better. I find the canned ones too sweet as well. I’m hoping to make these with Mum soon so I can put the recipe up on the blog. They’re just so good:

vegan gigantes

Roast beets and carrots with herbs:

Roasted veg

I make ‘healthy’ potatoes at home which basically means I use a drop of oil for chips in the air fryer. When cooking at home I use little to no oil most of the time, so Mum’s Greek roast potatoes are a special treat. Lemon, oregano and lots of oil to get them really crisp:

Greek roasted potatoes

Aaaand speaking of oil, Mum made this delicious Greek halva dessert with semolina. And oil. That’s cinnamon on the top, not paprika! Thank you overzealous Auto Colour Enhance and lazy me. I love love love semolina desserts from Greek to Indian and the variations in name, ingredients and cooking technique. Mum reduced the sugar in this old family recipe, so it was just right:

vegan semolina Greek halva

Easter leftovers made for great lunches:Greek Easter leftovers plate

Breakfasts are usually always smoothies. Here are beets, pumpkin seeds, baby spinach, banana and frozen strawberries:

beetberry smoothie

Another batch of this pumpkin kale soup with tempeh crumbles by Johanna at Green Gourmet Giraffe:

pumpkin kale tempeh soup from Green Gourmet Giraffe

And finally a couple of pictures from around Sydney Road. Around Melbourne, a lot of signal boxes are painted. Here’s the box outside the Brunswick Tram Depot:

tram depot signal box sydney rd scene

8 thoughts on “What I Ate: Greek Easter Sunday Edition

  1. I love ygaintes -I’m totally spelling that wrong, auto correct is offering ‘intestate’ as a suggestion?- we actually have a large Greek community in my small town and have a lot of Greek restaurants in town, I order that bean dish whenever we eat out, so good! Happy Mother’s Day -or has it already passed in Australia?

    • yep Mothers day was yesterday here. Gigantes just rock, especially if you have bread to mop it all up with 😀

    • yep! Though it’s funny because I always think gee I used to eat so much more than this in the past and go back for seconds, now I get full easily from a meal (though leaving room for dessert is always a must).

  2. Looks like you had a great Greek Easter dinner. And I love the look of the pumpkin soup with tempeh – I need to make more tempeh crumbles for soup. And I haven’t see that tram signal box – will have to look out for it – did you see all the artwork around the side of the building where the carpark is – i saw it probably a year or two ago so don’t know if it is still there

    • ooh not sure but probably did see some artwork, I keep meaning to go on a street art crawl around there!

    • I hope so too, I love them so much. Just have to organise a time to visit my parents and take pics of the process 😀