What I Ate

A pretty short What I Ate post this week! Most of what I’ve been eating is smoothies with more veg and because I drink straight from the blender jug to save me washing a glass, I figure it’s not very photo worthy.

This past week I made a simple tofu and veg udon noodle stir fry in the hopes that the kids would try the veggies this way. Nope…

tofu veg noodles

I made a big batch of a veg and bean stew for myself using Mexican style flavours. I went easy on the flavours but it ended up being way too easy as this was pretty bland and I had to will myself to eat it most times:

bean veg stew

I found these vegan BBQ pork buns in the freezer at my mum’s house. It’s kinda not what I want to be eating right now while I am working on figuring out why I’ve been having a few tummy troubles lately but I don’t like wastage either so we had these as a snack. You can buy these from a few Asian supermarkets around town, like Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart in Braybrook (which has been renamed, but it’s the same business):

vegan BBQ pork buns

Finishing off now with some random pics: this stone doggy in Footscray; my Mum’s flowers in the backyard and a Camberwell street in the autumn.

dog on fence mums flowers autumn scene

6 thoughts on “What I Ate

  1. Great post! I’m looking around for some gluten-free vegan BBQ pork buns, yummo! Also, Loving Hut Northcote seems to have stopped all of it’s frozen options. I think there are some still left at the Richmond restaurant, but they also have limited offerings. Can you or someone else recommend a great place for a good frozen shop? As usual, I am after gluten-free vegan options.

    • thanks! I always to Global Green on South Road in Braybrook (the strip of shops just off Duke St). Not sure about the GF status of the stuff in the freezer though. There’s also Vincent Vegetarian in Footscray, both more for Asian products and not say, things like Tofurky (though Global Green does have a few vegan cheese products like Bio cheese, Cheezly, Vegusto, Tofutti). And Prahran Convenience too I guess! The Asian foods supermarket at Preston market may have some, I’ve been in there but not for frozen products.

  2. I hope you find out the culprit of your digestive issues, I sometimes forget how bad mine use to be then when I have a flare up I think ‘Wow this use to be my day to day normal!’ Too bad the kids turned away from that noodle dish, it looks great but bummer on the bean stew. One time I made a chili but must have mixed up the cayenne powder with chili powder and it was inedible hot but I still tried to rescue it; more tomatoes, adding sweeteners, wasting more food trying to bring the heat down hahaha so ridiculous. Oooo the jowls on that dog sculpture are great and love the papery bark on that huge tree!

  3. What a shame you are having tummy troubles – but sounds like you are eating well – I like the look of the udon noodles with tofu – I can only get Sylvia to eat them at the moment with keeping lots of stuff separate – love the autumn leaves in the bottom photo and the flowers too.

    • I love udon noodles with tofu, just need to find a flavour combination that the kids will both eat!