What I Ate

With the cooler weather comes breakfast porridge. I usually always have an oat-banana based smoothie for breakfast but sometimes I don’t want to use the blender when the fam are still asleep. Which is really an excuse for me being too wussy to have colder smoothies when I’m in a chilly kitchen. The kids have a love-hate thing going on with porridge and currently one child is in the love stage. I make my porridge with either oat or soy milk with some raisins and topped with coconut sugar. I wanted this photo to look all nice and melty with the sugar but ended up using too much, which didn’t melt, and gave me a blergh too-sweet breakfast:

coconut sugar porridge

A snack for the kids: my oil free almond pear muffins and a Pink Lady apple from Three Bridges Apples who are often at farmers markets around town:

autumn apples

I’ve been a bit sniffly so made a juice with orange, banana and a beetroot that was more white with a little purple through it. I always add greens but was all out this time:

beet smoothie

I made the Orange You Glad I Made Tofu recipe from the Chloe’s Kitchen cookbook. I really like this, one child hates tofu and the other declared it “okayish”. Which in my books means “thinking it’s okayish means you’ll eat it without complaint from now on”. For the kids I’d used soba noodles but my dish here has plain accompaniments of brown rice and steamed veg. Some days I just prefer plain and unfussy:

orange ginger tofu

I met up with Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe to check out Good Days in Brunswick, which I blogged about here. This is another pic of the delicious mushroom pho:

Good Days Brunswick vegan mushroom pho

After our lunch Johanna and I went down to Pachamama, a grocery store with a small cafe area at the back. They have quite a few raw vegan slices for sale and we chose to split this raw chocolate hazelnut slice ($8). Good call, because we both agreed a full slice would have been really hard to polish off. This was nice, though the top layer was quite coconutty from coconut oil (or butter):

Pachamama cafe Brunswick

I’ll finish with some street scenes of Sydney Road at the Brunswick end.

Sydney Road BrunswickSydney Road Brunswick Sydney Road Brunswick  Sydney Road Brunswick


12 thoughts on “What I Ate

    • I’m in a love-porridge phase right now though I’ll probably be sick of it in a couple months…

  1. That pho broth and the wide mushroom slices looks so good! Never find vegan pho like that around here. Melbourne has a pretty big Vietnamese community doesn’t it? Love that thin shaft of light with the smoothie. Haha ‘declared it okayish’! Yarn bombing! and I love blue stone, so pretty and substantial, another thing I immediately associate with Australia <3

    • yep there’s a big Vietnamese community here, Vietnamese food is one of my favourites ever so I’m really happy I can get a good pho now. Bluestone rocks too, we have lots of bluestone laneways in the ‘burbs and there are always residents groups trying to preserve them when the councils want to pull them up and put down concrete (though in some cases the bluestone is all uneven and is dangerous for people with motor concerns, and the councils say it’s too expensive to fix that)

  2. I normally have a green smoothie or some toast for breakfast, occasionally some overnight oats, depending on what my plan for the day is. But if it ever gets actually cold here, I am going to have to start thinking about making some warm oatmeal. At the moment I can still drink smoothies without worrying about the cold. Oh, Brisbane.

    • we haven’t had any very cold days at all 🙁 I love the autumn winter period but haven’t had to break out the really warm jackets yet!

  3. That sugar on the porridge makes me laugh because it reminds me of how much I loved brown sugar melted on weetibx when I was little (I thought it was like chocolate). The orange tofu looks like my sort of meal and I really want to taste the pho. The chocolate slice looks really tiny in your photo but it just seemed huge to me – perhaps because I found it so filling.

    • that slice was hard to finish! The orange tofu is really good, a little sweet so I would cut down on the sweetener next time but still pretty nice.

  4. I do love porridge but the season has to be either Autumn or winter, can’t eat it spring or summer time.. I always love your pics, wonderful and bright. I quite like Korean and Thai food, not so much Chinese food, but I have a feeling i would like Vietnamese cuisine having had some in the past, but i’ve never had a Pho. PS Jealous, but happy you met with Johanna, she is one blogger I would LOVe to meet, who knows it could happen 🙂