What I Ate: Kitchen Cleanout Edition

gigantes sourdough

This What I Ate post is really the past fortnight. I’ve been doing a kitchen cleanout and have vowed to use up ingredients I’ve found before going shopping for other stuffz. We’ve also cleared out our little upright freezer, so I had even more stuff that needed to be used.

We had family over and for lunch I put out a bunch of sandwich fillings, condiments and spreads then we plopped it all on sourdough and put our sandwiches in the panini press. Up the top there is rocket (aragula), baby spinach and some canned gigantes (Greek giant baked beans). This next sandwich was a mix of roast sweet potato, balsamic red onions, thyme mushrooms, avocado, tomato relish and salad greens: grilled veg sourdough sandwich

My son has been requesting kritharaki, which (in this house) is the ultimate comfort food in cold weather despite being rather bland. My dad rates it as one of his favourite meals:

vegan kritharaki

I made a lasagna with other ingredients that had to be used up: textured veg protein (TVP), the last bits of shredded Daiya cheddar and a box of frozen spinach:vegan lasagna

Breakfast most days is a smoothie straight from the blender. I usually make a smoothie with a plant milk, Prana On protein, a banana, a five grain cereal mix and some blackstrap molasses, sometimes with ginger and cinnamon. Lazy shot here, usually I’d put it in a glass for a pretty photo but our dishwasher isn’t working and well, I wanted to save washing an extra glass:breakfast smoothie

This gross looking meal in hideous lighting conditions was actually pretty good. In the back of the freezer I found some miso tahini dressing, probably from an Isa Does It recipe. I noticed the dressing was quite grainy after being defrosted but tossed through tofu and green tea noodles, it was good enough:

miso tahini tofu

More tofu and green tea noodles but this time with red curry paste and a little coconut milk:tofu green tea noodles

There weren’t many veggies in those tofu meals but I was drinking veg instead. Here’s a kale, beetroot and carrot juice:beet carrot kale juice

And this is the Mean Green Juice from the Reboot With Joe website:mean green juice

I prefer to make juices with the whole fruit and veg wherever possible in my blender, because there’s way too much pulp left when juicing. When kale is $4 a bunch and you only get a wee amount of juice, wellll it makes more sense to me to blend the leaves rather than juice. I keep the pulp though when I use the juicer and this time I made it in to a healthier cake with wholemeal spelt flour and golden sultanas, using carrot, beetroot and pear pulp. It was a good snack food for the kids (despite the squishy layer at the bottom, hence no recipe for the blog!), along with banana dusted with cinnamon and powdered peanut butter:

pb banana pulp cake

I’ve already blogged about our meal at Trippy Taco in Fitzroy, so I’ll leave you with another shot of the vegan option sweet corn tamale with banana and maple syrup. This is soooo good:

Trippy Taco vegan sweetcorn tamale

It was pouring the day we went to Trippy’s, so all I could manage was this one photo before my camera started getting too wet!gertrude street fitzroy


15 thoughts on “What I Ate: Kitchen Cleanout Edition

  1. Lots of lovely stuff you have showcased here. I make orzo pasta for work lunches quite a bit, but had never heard of kritharaki, so thank you for introducing me to it. I do like a good lasagne and often make it with veg, never tried it with TVP which I do use a lot, so thanks for sticking that idea in my head for a future meal. Finally, I so need to seek out Greek Giant Beans!

    • I think you’d probably get the same canned Greek beans as we get here, because they’re imported!

    • the kritharaki is something I think other people will think is bland and crap! A good flavoured stock helps. I’m back to having one child turn their nose up at it… gahhhh.

    • I used to keep pulp from everything and freeze it but then forget about it in the freezer. I need more pulp recipes though, I think I’m going to get sick of the ‘healthy pulp cake’ soon.

  2. Those sandwiches look top notch. I definitely need to try putting roasted sweet potato in one!

    I got onto Prana On protein powders after World Vegan Day last year. They are my favourite, and I think I’ve tried everything on the market by now!

  3. For one glorious moment, I thought that top photo was of a gnocchi sandwich. Hee hee.
    Still, even with beans it is a fine looking sandwich!
    But you know what I have to do now. 😉