New Vegan Menu At Ray in Brunswick

Ray Brunswick vegan French toast gingerbread tofu

Back in March, I blogged about a vegan mezze evening held by Ray in Brunswick. Ray has very recently introduced a new fully vegan breakfast (served all day) and lunch menu.

Ray Brunswick almond latte

The new vegan menu is one of those where you see the vegan options have been well thought out. I was impressed enough with the vegan mezze night, but this menu has so much ace in it that I was hard pressed to choose what to get.

When in doubt, I say go for the Blackalicous: sourdough French toast, rhubarb, beetroot vinegar, coconut yoghurt, black maple, flaxseed and ginger halva ($17). I also got the extra gingerbread tofu. It’s an interesting dish to look at, with the height and different colours but it was even better to eat– I really liked the crispy French toast and rate this as one of my favourite vegan brunches anywhere. Probably in my top two.

View from the top:

Ray Brunswick vegan French toast gingerbread tofu

Another brunch meal was the Beast of Brunswick: mock fried chicken, miso cheese, avocado raita, baby cos, pickled Adelaide tomato, pickle aioli and apple relish in a toasted sourdough bun ($14.00). It’s very much a fried chickeny burger and I made a big mess and had to finish off with the cutlery. If you liked the crispy crunchy vegan fried chicken, this is for you. Very nice:

Ray Brunswick vegan fried chicken burger

Another visit was at lunchtime. This time, I ordered the Black Sub-Bath Sandwich: mushroom and black lentil kofta, baby cos, tomato, pickled beetroot, apple relish and pickled aioli in a toasted sourdough bun with beer battered chips ($20.00). This too was really nice, though tricky to eat as the kofta patty kinda squished everywhere (though I’m a slob), still there was cutlery so no problem, right?

Ray Vegan kofta burger and fries

Some weeks ago I ordered the Tofugazi from the regular menu, before the vegan menu was introduced. It’s not on the current menu but it was really nice– tofu sitting on top of some nice hummus, enoki mushroom, sauteed greens with hazelnut and pine nuts and toasted Turkish bread:

Ray Brunswick Tofugazi

While Ray had some good vegan friendly options before, this new menu has really stepped things up. As always, I like it when vegan options are not only decent in number, but also where you can see a fair bit of consideration has gone in to the menu development, rather than treating the vegan dishes as an afterthought.

Service has always been great when I’ve visited Ray. There was a little mistake with my order but staff were really on the ball and offered me a coffee on the house, with many sincere apologies. I got an almond milk latte (pictured up the top) which was lovely.

I’m loyal to Brunswick-Coburg and I love Sydney Road and the surrounding streets, so I was reading this menu and mentally thumbing my nose at Fitzroy a bit. How could I not, there’s so much good stuff there! Veganny times are great when you not only have fab menu options to choose from, but you have a bit of trouble deciding where to go because there are more options popping up all the time. Ray has certainly added to some tough decision making!

Check out Ray’s new vegan menu on their website below:


332 Victoria Street, Brunswick
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12 thoughts on “New Vegan Menu At Ray in Brunswick

  1. I haven’t been here in a long time, no idea they were so vegan friendly! Gathering my posse to go there ASAP for that fried chicken burger

  2. The menu looks amazing – I really need to get on down there – glad the french toast is good – I saw it on the main menu and wanted to try it but could not face the eggs and then was excited to see it on the vegan menu – but the gingerbread tofu sounds odd – it is sweet isn’t it!!!!

    • the tofu was an Asian gingery style flavour, quite nice and easy to replicate at home. The French toast was really good though!

    • separate menu! They still have the regular non-veg menu. But when you go in to grab a menu, they have both printed separately