Vegan Options At Wings Of Glory In South Melbourne

Wings of Glory South Melbourne vegan option

Wings of Glory is one of those places folks would assume have no vegan, or even vegetarian options– the business is built around chicken wings after all. I heard about Wings of Glory in a local vegan group, where people mentioned previously having walked on by until they discovered there was in fact a vegan meal option. I was on Clarendon Street briefly and decided to stop in to check it out.

Yes, there is in fact a vegan option! The vegan flavour option is lemony pepper so I chose that. Fries and salad were also available but I passed on those.

I was told that the wait for the vegan option would be about fifteen minutes longer because they needed to heat up the vegan oil fryer. I don’t mind waiting for something like that and it’s good to see they are aware enough to have it cooked separately for vegan customers who may prefer it that way.

Not really knowing what I was doing, I got the 10 piece option thinking it would be ten small bite size-ish pieces after the staff member recommended it for one person. The serve was larger than I anticipated! I could only manage a few before asking to take the rest home. This would be a good choice to share with friends, if, like me, you can’t really handle too much fried stuff at a time.

The texture was the softer sort of mock meat. Some mock meats are firmer, while others are more delicate and sponge-like. At Wings of Glory they’re more on the side of the softer spongey textured seitan. The lemony pepper seasoning was really nice.

Wings of Glory South Melbourne vegan option

It’s interesting to see how some meat heavy businesses are incorporating the veg*n meals in to their menu. I had a chat with a pizza-pasta store owner last week who said yes they will make a vegan pizza “but it’s vegetarian without any cheese, why would you want to eat that? It’s nothing without the cheese!”– clearly he has never experienced the many kickass pizza options out there using vegan meats and cheese options (I never liked mozarella on pizza before I was vegan either!) Other businesses providing vegan options are the complete opposite and really try hard to come up with something that not only tastes good, but is prepared in a way that does not involve, for instance, shared utensils or cooking oils for the vegan and not-vegan foods.

Wings of Glory have shown they are prepared to cater to customers that don’t want a meat meal, despite them being a business built around wings. Personally this is the kind of example I’d like to see other places adopt. Far too many restaurants claim to offer something for everyone but often fall short (veg*ns don’t want to be lumped with a boring salad!) Why would a veg*n go to a meat heavy place you may ask? Well, as one example, you only have to spend a little time in vegan Facebook groups to see how many people ask “my family/friends want to go out to dinner but they’re refusing to go to a veg*n place and they want wings/burgers/pizza/steaks, is there anywhere we can go where I can eat something that isn’t a garden salad?”!

Wings of Glory

253 Clarendon Street

South Melbourne

Wings of Glory South Melbourne vegan option

15 thoughts on “Vegan Options At Wings Of Glory In South Melbourne

  1. I hate it when people question me for wanting pizza without cheese! I’m someone who actually LIKES it that way and don’t appreciate being told I’m odd 😛 However, I love that more and more places are offering vegan/veggie options alongside their original meat products. It sounds like Wings of Glory is in that camp!

    • oh I’m the same about “WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO CHEESE?!” thing (I’m dairy intolerant and mozarella was always too plasticky-gluggy for me!)

  2. interesting post – I think that it is important to have this conversation about making more restaurants vegan-friendly – if they were it would be interesting to see if there was a rise in people eating vegan. I am not interested in eating at places like this but I have family and friends who might want to go there so it is always good to hear of such places.

    • it’s a bit of a shame to frequently read, in vegan communities, questions from vegans about where to eat because their friends are flat out refusing to even try a vegan or vegetarian place so it’s nice to have another option out there!

  3. I love when meat centric places offer vegan food, because like you said, some families love those style restaurants and the vegan gets dragged along. My friend is constantly getting custom made salads because her family wants to go to a steak house. My family loves gastropubs, but luckily one of my sister’s favorite places offers lots of vegan/veganizable foods. I am probably going to feature that on my blog (even though it is only in the states- sorry!)

    • yep it’s pretty hard for some people, sometimes their loved ones are being kinda obnoxious and rude about it (like refusing to go to a vegan/veggo place even though it’s the veg*n’s birthday)!

  4. It’s caused probs with my family, because they mock me for being vegan; and go out of their way to make it part of their belligerent attitude and sense of entitlement. After a while you realise it’s not just about meat, but a sense of power people have over vulnerable animals. For anyone who can’t do a meal without meat is simply radicalised, to the indifference of animal suffering. They suffer a disconnect called carnism, the psychology of this has been well researched by Dr. Melanie Joy. I don’t like eating with people who insist on meat at a meal, I feel somewhat guilty by association. If you can’t do a meal without meat, it’s a pretty pathetic person to have as a friend or family member. Even in my ignorant carnivore days, I did not insist on meat when eating with veggo friends. I am happy to have joined the dots, albeit it took me a while too.

    • the outright hostility some people have experienced from family and friends is really sad. A vegetarian friend of mine was never catered for at her family’s Christmas functions, she’d always be told “there’s salad”. So she went to take more roast veg and her family cracked the shits because she took more than her ‘fair share’ of the veg. then there are the people planning veg*n weddings who have guests refused to attend because there’s no meat :/

  5. I appreciate when “meat places” have vegan options too. We had to go to a steakhouse with my son’s soccer team recently. They had nothing vegan on the menu, but said they could make us tacos. I was picturing some big, luscious, filled tacos. We each got three tiny soft taco shells with a few veggies on top and they charged us for “tuna tacos.” I think tuna might cost a little more than a pepper, no?

    • oh no! Awful stuff! I’m working on a blog post where I asked people in the vegan community here for their restaurant horror stories– some are SO bad!