Lunch At Power Plant Cafe In Templestowe

Power Plant Cafe Templestowe

Power Plant in Templestowe has been open since about October 2015. Templestowe is a suburb located about half an hours drive from the central part of Melbourne and the more vegan friendly suburbs like Fitzroy. This posed a bit of a problem for me initially because I’m nowhere near there and I don’t drive but, mercy me, I discovered I could easily catch a tram then a connecting bus which drops me off right outside Power Plant. Perfect! Apart from the bit where I discovered this gold mine of information too late, because Power Plant was a place I really wanted to visit after hearing positive reviews in vegan land back when it opened.

Power Plant is in the Westerfolds Sport Centre. It’s spacious and light inside and very family friendly with a child sized table set up. We snagged some stools along the window.

Power Plant Cafe Templestowe

There were quite a few tempting options on the menu. We started with sharing a very delicious very peanutty peanut butter smoothie:

Power Plant Cafe Templestowe

Son is a sweet tooth breakfast guy so he went for the maple French toast with poached pear, cashew rose water ice cream and toasted nuts. I’m glad I got to try some because this was really, really good. The rose water was just right, I’m not the biggest fan of rose water but when it’s subtle I enjoy it. I’d get this on a return visit:

Power Plant Cafe Templestowe

I went for the chickpea burger: a spiced chickpea patty with avocado, chipotle mayonnaise, pickles and tomato. This was served with smoky seasoned chips and a garlic aioli. Wow wow wow, best chips ever. If you like the fries at Trippy Taco, you’ll love these. The burger too was excellent, beautiful smokey flavours and the mayo was really good. It was a pretty big meal too, I could only eat half the burger and took the rest home to enjoy for dinner (though truthfully, as soon as I got home an hour later I ate it):

Power Plant Cafe Templestowe

There was no way I could fit in a dessert! The cabinet had lots of raw treats and some baked delights:Power Plant Cafe Templestowe

I’m not a coffee drinker so I neglected to ask questions about it, but here’s an article from Hospitality Magazine that talks about the sustainable and traceable coffee served at Power Plant. I also forgot to note down prices but our bill was $40 total.

Power Plant is a super offering for people in the Templestowe area seeking good plant based meals out. I have some friends a couple of suburbs over who have often lamented the lack of vegan options around there and having to travel ages to other areas for breakfasts and lunch, so having Power Plant has been great for them.

Service was great, very friendly and helpful and it was obvious from the get go that they care about their food, customers and providing a lovely space to enjoy some hearty vegan fare. The entire menu is vegan though dairy milk is provided for coffee drinks.

Check out a review and a couple of photos of some other Power Plant meals over at Little Vegan Bear’s blog.

Power Plant Cafe Templestowe

Power Plant Cafe

2-6 Swilk Street (at the Westerfolds Sports Centre)


Bus 905 from the city stops right outside

Open Wed-Sun (check for opening hours)
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14 thoughts on “Lunch At Power Plant Cafe In Templestowe

    • even though I have the smoky stuff at home somehow my chips never turn out like the ones I love in cafes!

  1. Yay, glad you made it out there! I’m keen to go back and enjoy the new menu some time soon. I quite like that they have a relatively small menu (well they did the couple of times I have been) as I don’t get too overwhelmed, haha. I know avo on toast is pretty standard vegan fare but the truffle walnut paste they had alongside it was to die for! And the chips and aoili….YES. We had to get a top up dish of aoili as we demolished it. So good.

    • I never go for avo on toast because it’s everywhere butttt when it’s done well or with a twist like truffle walnut paste, it’s so good!

  2. It sounds like this is worth the multiple step public transport journey! I really love it when great vegan places pop up in unexpected locations (even if they can be a pain to get to) as it highlights how much demand there must be if they can thrive out of the usual popular areas.

    • I don’t think they themselves claim to be a vegan establishment, but they mention their food is plant based– I was told dairy milk is provided if people ask for it in a coffee for instance. When they refer to their food being entirely plant based perhaps it refers to non-drinks food as some places will say food menu to mean the non-drinks. Thanks for your comment, I think on reflection I should have worded things a little differently to point out the printed menu (from memory) is vegan/plant based itself.