Brunch At Sister Of Soul In St Kilda

Sister of Soul St Kilda

I’ve been to Sister Of Soul a few times now and I’ve previously blogged about a lunch visit. This time, I was in the area around brunch time so my son and I decided to go in to check out the morning menu. The vegetarian/vegan menu for the morning hours looked just as good as the lunch/dinner menu.

After a little stress trying to navigate Acland Street by foot with the current roadworks going on, we nabbed a window seat (that’s my doing, light for photos and all). I’m on a bit of a mission now to try all the different flavoured lattes around town (you know… beetroot, blue algae, etc) and so I ordered the Spiced Carrot Latte with almond milk (around $6.50 from memory). I couldn’t take a photo of the carrotyness, but I did pick up a carroty flavour and will try to replicate this at home cos it was pretty good.

Sister of Soul St Kilda

Arthur will get pancakes anywhere anytime so he got the Buckwheat and Banana Pancake ($16.50) which was topped with strawberries, banana, poached pear, nut crumble and a chocolate sauce. He pretty much scraped off the nut crumble and pear (they’re not his thing) so of course I ate those for him.  It was nice, not very sweet (which is my preference) but a little pricey for a single pancake in my humble opin’ despite being slightly larger than the average size pancakes most places serve.

Sister of Soul St Kilda

The Big Vegan ($17.50) stood out for me: smashed avocado, marinated tofu topped with a tomato, corn and coriander salsa, wilted spinach, rosemary potato rosti, plum dipping sauce and multigrain toast. There was a decent amount of avocado for both pieces of toast and overall I enjoyed everything on the plate.

Sister of Soul St Kilda

Service was fast and friendly as with previous visits. There are a few more nice looking meals on the menu I’d like to try. St. Kilda isn’t an area I visit often but when I do, it involves a bit of public transport adventuring. So it’s pretty nice to be confident that if I end up at Sister of Soul, I can unwind a bit and enjoy a good meal (and people watch by the window).

Sister Of Soul

73 Ackland Street, St. Kilda


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5 thoughts on “Brunch At Sister Of Soul In St Kilda

  1. I really need to get back there but I don’t go to St Kilda often – it is hard with kids when cafes make things look attractive and pretty and they just can’t stand the garnish! Makes it even less value for money, esp when it is a little pricey in the first place like that pancake. And your brekky sounds superb! Now I am thinking perhaps I should have got the breakfast with the smoked tofu at Ray’s this morning!

    • I was never really in to ‘big breakfast’ kinds of meals but now I’m really enjoying them as they’re done so well at a few places!

    • oh man, the latte flavours! Matcha is kindof a done thing now but yeah, gotta try that blue algae even though I’m told it tastes like crap.

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