In My Kitchen July and August 2016

I’ve just realised I haven’t posted an In My Kitchen for July. I could have sworn I did but a search reveals that’s not the case and there it is in my Drafts folder. Argh! So here’s an In My Kitchen for July and August 2016.

In My Kitchen is a monthly blog link up hosted by Maureen at The Orgasmic Chef. Maureen is taking a break for a few months and the official In My Kitchen linkup will be back in September, but a bunch of bloggers are still doing their monthly writeups.

First up, these Field Roast vegan sausages. This is the Italian flavour which was quite nice. The Mexican sausages are way too spicy for us but the smoked apple sage were nice:

field roast italian sausages

I love the Japanese sauces by Saori. Saori makes these products in Melbourne and she’ll be back at World Vegan Day Melbourne this year. Just love all of these:Saori Japanese sauce

When someone brings you presents in the form of Melbourne vegan ice cream Zebra Dream! Two more lovely flavours to try:zebra dream ice cream

In My Kitchen are some buckwheat pasta spirals, purchased from The Source Bulk Foods in Brunswick:buckwheat pasta

My mother in law gave me a packet of this pumpkin seed meal. I often put pumpkin seeds in my smoothies so this meal has been very handy:pumpkin seed meal

Lots of fruit, mostly from the farmers markets (not the bananas though!) Since discovering the apple stalls at my local farmers market, I’m never going back to anything else. I never really liked apples all that much until I bought them super fresh directly from the growers. In the background there is a chair covered in a cheap pillowcase, thanks to the cats using the chairs as scratching posts. You can see the pillowcase has sustained some feline damage. Cat hair on the apples:lots of fruit

My daughter had a project where she must prepare a meal from scratch for her family. She chose to make pasta. This was exciting for me because back in about 2003 my sister had asked what I wanted for Christmas and I HAD to have a pasta roller.  I wanted it so much that it first got taken out of the box, like literally in July 2016. My old retro kitchen table is too thick to be able to clamp the roller down which was a nuisance! We chose to make orange pasta, using the pulp from juicing carrots. We ended up with a pretty yellow colour instead. I have pulp from kale and beetroot so we’ll use those for coloured pasta, and I want to try using black sesame seeds and some of that pumpkin meal:

homemade carrot pasta

I’ve really changed the way I spend, in the effort to budget and cut down on mindless spending. In the past if I needed something like bowls I’d look at something and go yeah that will do. Now, I do the Konmari Method thing of asking myself “does it spark joy?” I have this little vision of my home eventually being filled with stuff that makes me happy to be around. Currently, it’s more like loads of crap lying around pissing me off. There’s no sparking of the joy there. Aaaanyways, moving on, earlier in the year I bought myself a pretty bowl and plate from the Made In Japan shop at the Queen Victoria Market. I’ve gone back a few times since to look at things. I was lingering over these bowls and was told the large size were the last bowls anywhere in this design so the deal was done. I love these bowls (two large and two smaller inside) and the plate too. Do they spark joy for me? You bet! Though they shall spark fury if someone damages them. SERENITY NOW. Spot the reflection peace out sign:made in japan bowls

I enjoyed these two pasta sauces from Glencoe Farms. I bought them from Coburg Farmers Market, though Glencoe Farms are stocked in some stores and at different farmers markets. I prefer to make pasta sauces from scratch but it’s too much effort because the family don’t like tomato based sauces. So I got these to myself:

Glencoe Farms pasta sauces

My mother in law gave us all this massive grapefruit from their tree. I don’t eat it so I tend to give most of it away (because Husband says he’ll eat them but never does so I have to give them out before they spoil):


In My Kitchen (but not hanging up) is this picture I found in Brunswick Savers. My daughter likes anything to do with Paris and France so I thought $9 for this was a bargain as it looks hand painted. I had glanced at the picture before turning it over to check the price, then saw it was an old frame backing (you know, because of all the old tape holding it together). And a hand written (but faded) message on the back has a date of 1967. Look at the cars and the clothes! We went to Paris in 2002 and I’d love to go back (though Japan gets first dibs on our next overseas holiday):

vintage Paris 1967 picture

Finally, some July scenes around Sydney Road in Brunswick!

sydney road brunswick scenes


12 thoughts on “In My Kitchen July and August 2016

  1. Lots of good stuff – that print is really lovely and so are the bowls – I tend to do the spark of joy criteria for new kitchen purchases because our kitchen is so full but then again the spark doesn’t always last. (and sometimes the spark is not shared among us). I love the pasta pic (my pasta machine is living in hope in a dark box to this day) – is that a wire rack it is hanging on? Finding space to hang pasta seems one of the challenges!

    • ho ho yes that is a wire cooling rack– I have no space whatsoever to hang pasta. Something I only thought of when the time came to dry it!

  2. Those bowls are gorgeous. Darn right they spark joy! I think I need to employ that method too… my house contains far more crap then I would like. The ice-cream looks delicious!

  3. Oh good !!! I can’t wait for september link! I have to prepare it. The ice cream looks delicious! And the sauce! Good products! cathy