In My Kitchen September 2016

In My Kitchen is a monthly blog link up hosted by Maureen at The Orgasmic Chef. Maureen is taking a break for a bit and the official In My Kitchen linkup will be back soon, though a bunch of bloggers are still doing their monthly writeups (because this is a fun linkup!)

First a little news announcement: Vegan Mofo (Month of Food) will be running in November! It’s a FANTASTIC event where bloggers/social media users publish content about, well, vegan food basically. You don’t have to be vegan but whatever you include for Vegan Mofo must be vegan/plant based only. It can be new recipes, foods you ate, following the supplied prompts or choosing your own theme… it’s really a lot of fun and some of the stuff people have made in the past has been superb and also downright ridiculously heroic. Check out the official Vegan Mofo 2016 page for more info. One of my favourites will always be Hasta La Vegan’s 2014 theme of Bizarre and Outdated Cookbooks. Check this one out! Or Prune Gnocchi.

Even if you don’t participate you can still follow along as there will be (I assume) an official participant’s list put up before Vegan Mofo begins so you can add blogs to your feed and such. I’m not sure if I will join in this year for every day and the theme I had decided on last year seems kinda mehhh to me now. We’ll see. My theme for 2014 was Will My Kids Eat It? which surprised me in that more people were following along than I had anticipated. I had sanitised my kids’ opinions a little. Oh wow, I just read all my 2014 Mofo posts (complete with flash photos of food) and I said “I’m still on that mission to get Arthur and DeeW eating mashed potatoes”. That was on September 20th 2014 and they’re still not eating mashed potatoes. Hmmm… now I’m wondering if I should do Will My Kids Eat It? Round 2: Unedited. DO IT DO IT. I might try and distract them with the Fancy Dish technique again.

So, I have a bit of a cheat IMK this month because there’s a bit of In My Mum’s Kitchen. So, in my mum’s kitchen she has this homemade eggplant sortof-pickle. I guess its technically a pickle as it involves vinegar? But it doesn’t taste vinegary at all. It’s great to spoon some of this on to pasta or in a sandwich:


Also In My Mum’s Kitchen is this quince sweet she made. In Greek it’s called “gliko”. Gliko can be made with other fruits like unripe figs and orange peel. Lots of sugary syrup so I can only have a teeny piece or two and I’m done:


In My Kitchen and my Mum’s Kitchen was the last of the Simple Vegan Tzatziki I made. Mum gave it the thumbs up though said she would have added a bit more lemon. I was really pleased when she said she couldn’t detect any tofu taste (I used a silken tofu base). I’m cheating here and using a photo from the recipe I put up a couple of days ago:

Simple Vegan Tzatziki by Veganopoulous

So I was visiting my mum one day and she said “did you hear that that KA Pies place won the national pie competition and beat over 1700 other entrants?” and I replied pffffft as IF they’ll have anything vegan. We actually drove past and I didn’t bother going in. Well it was humble Thai red curry pie for me because the winning pie was in fact vegan. Some people apparently kicked up a stink that the winning pie wasn’t meat. KA Pies are now planning more vegan pies as this one has been a roaring success. In fact, the first few times I went to buy one from the bakery outlet in Sunshine, they were sold out within half an hour. The first pie I had tasted great but I was surprised at the sort of mooshy filling. I had expected more bite from veggies so I was a bit disappointed. Strangely, the second time I had this pie there were more chunky veggies so I much preferred that second pie:


Healthier stuff! I had a load of pulp  left over from juicing carrots, beetroot and greens so I put them in rice paper rolls with some tofu I had marinated in orange and sesame dressing:


We went to the Coburg Farmers’ Market yesterday and got 2kg of pink lady apples plus this 100% apple juice which is really nice. I also bought this packet of vegan jerky from Glencoe Farms. It has a nice sweet sundried tomato taste. I really like the Glencoe Farms pasta sauces, which I blogged about in my last IMK. My daughter chose this blueberry jam as our jam supplies were low:coburgmarkethaul

In My Kitchen are the remains of the wholemeal sourdough loaf on the bottom right, purchased from the Sourdough Kitchen stall at the market:sourdoughkitchenloaves

For a while now I’ve wanted to try this Irene’s ‘nistisimi’ pita. When you see the word ‘nistisimi’ it refers to the religious fasting period in the Greek Orthodox faith. However it doesn’t mean vegan (some products contain honey or casein but are deemed suitable for fasting). So if you are vegan and only wanting vegan foods, don’t assume a ‘nistisimo’ product means vegan! Greek fasting cheeses and your casein, I’m looking at you. Aaaanyway, the pita was okay though mum and I agreed it could have done with a wee bit more flavour but I’d still happily serve it up. This is the packet, I got mine from Supa IGA on Sydney Road in Brunswick:irenesnistisimopita2

And this is what it looks like baked:irenesnistisimopita

Finally, In My Kitchen was this Vego vegan milk chocolate style bar. Now, I heard loads of people saying this is the most milk chocolate-like vegan chocolate evahhh and so I was like okay yeah we’ll see. Big skeptic. Seriously though folks, this is indeed the most milk chocolate like vegan chocolate I’ve ever tasted. The texture is lovely and I’m a big fan of hazelnut chocolate so it helps. I would love to see this in a plain variety though. It cost heaps though it’s a biggish size. I’m not really in to chocolate but oooh this was good:


Here are some of the lovely flowers at Coburg Farmers’ Market yesterday, unfortunately not In My Kitchen!

coburgmarketflowers1 coburgmarketflowers2


20 thoughts on “In My Kitchen September 2016

  1. I was wondering if MoFo was happening this year, Hasta La Vegan’s theme for 2014 was so funny, so good. That is so cool a vegan pie won the competition! 1000 entrants is huge; is that just within Melbourne? Nice re-purposing of the veg pulp and that eggplant pickle looks delicious.

    • I always lose my mojo in the second half of Mofo so I want to factor that in this year and maybe aim for half the volume. I just read that the winning vegan pie beat over 1700 other pies so I’m going to edit my post!

  2. Oh that’s a lot of delicious things! I’m happy to find that someone else than me has also written a kitchen september post. Such a lovely link up ! xx cathy

  3. What a great idea for rice paper rolls! They look and sound delicious. And I LOVE those vego bars, too much really because they can disappear far more quickly than is justified 😛 I’ll look forward to your Mofo posts in due course too (definitely sitting out this year with a baby!).

  4. Emil at Hasta La Vegan always does the BEST themes. He’s given me a secret heads up about this year’s and I’m excited! He sure does suffer for his art 😀

  5. Not sure if I am going to do Vegan Mofo this year… so hard to decide. I will be on the 8th month of pregnancy then and I may be totally into blogging to keep my mind off of the baby…. or I might be rushing around trying to get Christmas shopping done for the delivery. XD Plus I am not sure if I will do a theme or just the prompts. I kind of liked the idea of checking out everyones blogs to see what they posted for the prompts.

    • I ended up really liking the prompts last year, because I was able to do quite a few in advance but also not all of them involved cooking. Especially towards the last week when I started losing steam, it was a bit of a relief to have something that didn’t involve cooking!

  6. I often see flowers and later regret that I didn’t buy them – lots of nice things in your kitchen – I will look out for the vegan jerky – is it quite spicy? Sylvia is planning that we go to the farmers market on the weekend! Your spring rolls look pretty and I really want to to those pies. I hope you do vegan mofo as I always love reading your posts!

    • I had the tomatoey jerky so it wasn’t spicy but I would love it if Glencoe Farms sold their tomatoes at a stall, if they do sell tomatoes I don’t know but their products really have lovely tomato flavours.

  7. I’m so pleased to hear that a vegan pie won! What is the base for the vegan jerky – primarily tomato? Curious minds want to know 🙂
    I love reading your vegan mofo posts and I loved the will your kids eat it theme!! Those flowers are so gorgeous. I love flowers in a home.