Vegan Eats At Carpenter’s Son In Brunswick

Carpenter's Son Brunswick

Some months back, I was walking down Sydney Road and spotted a blackboard sign for Carpenter’s Son on the footpath. It stuck in my mind because the sign mentioned they had Pokestops nearby. Not that I’m a devoted player (though Red team is the best), but it did make me smile and so the next time I was around I went and checked out the menu. There were quite a few good looking vegan options, so I made a note to go there the next time I was out for lunch.

Carpenter's Son Brunswick

First up though, I had to try the house made almond granita. I was there on one of those weird Melbourne spring days where it’s freezing for a week but then one warm sunny day comes through though later that evening you have the heaters and your dressing gown back on. Anyway moving on, I was a bit hot from walking around outside in my big jacket (because this is Melbourne, you need a big jacket on a warm day). For an extra charge you can get a coffee shot with the granita but I got mine without. In a word, this granita was excellent. Really refreshing and cooling. The sort of treat that is perfect for warmer weather and if I’m not mistaken, it’s the only vegan icy/cold food option on Sydney Road. I will definitely, absolutely go in again just for this:Carpenter's Son Brunswick

The vegan menu included the organic Berry Porridge (almond milk, poached pear, berries, coconut yoghurt and this is where my photo is too blurry to read but there’s another topping and I believe the price is around $13) , the Hot Vegan (scrambled organic tofu, caramelised Spanish onion, chilli, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes on toasted sourdough $16.50), the Avo Smashed (avocado with roasted sweet capsicum, balsamic and pea tendrils $15) and the Cheesy Melt (melted Bio cheddar cheese toasted sandwich with jalapeno and roasted tomatoes $10). I was told I could also have a custom focaccia made up.

The regular menu has Nourish Bowls that also have vegan/veganisable options. I went for the Powerhouse Acai, a lovely bowl of acai berry, almond milk, goji berries, GF granola, cacao nibs and fresh fruit ($14). I was glad to see nourish bowl healthier options and this was really nice. Not too sweet which is perfect for me:

Carpenter's Son Brunswick

The staff were helpful and friendly and it’s always good to chat with owners about their vegan options and their plans for more vegan meals. Of course this isn’t food for vegans only, this is good food everyone can enjoy. Seriously, GO AND GET THE ALMOND GRANITA.

Carpenter’s Son is just off Sydney Road in Michael Street, not far at all. Look for the friendly blackboard on Sydney Road (I’m pretty sure the blackboard mentioned vegan options in the past too):

Carpenter's Son Brunswick

I keep saying this every time I do a post about the Sydney Road area but far OUT are we getting even more ace vegan options in this part of Brunswick or what?!Carpenter's Son Brunswick

Carpenter’s Son

1D Michael Street


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8 thoughts on “Vegan Eats At Carpenter’s Son In Brunswick

  1. We’ve visited them a couple of times too, including on their vegan Tuesday. We’ve had mixed experiences of the food (some GREAT, some meh) but the staff have always been very friendly and are clearly making an effort with their vegan options. They’re definitely ones to watch!

  2. I’ve been keeping an eye on this place since it opened. I’m embarrassed by how close to home it is, yet I’ve only tested the coffee (excellent Bonsoy magic). Definitely need to explore the vegan Tuesdays…

  3. I’ve been itching to try an acai bowl, I’ll have to do ti on a city trip as there’s none in my area. Mom’s in Williamstown right now and the first message home was about how freezing it was!

    • ha yes, it’s really cold here right now (lots of wind and rain as I type)! Funny I was thinking about Williamstown this morning 😀

  4. I had to look up michael st and was surprised how south it was but definitely a handy place – I like the name of the place and the look of your nourish bowl. Definitely one to look out for when I am down that way (which sadly is less than I would like)