What I Ate Over The Past Month

Late again with the ah, weekly What I Ate. Sometimes I just forget, other times I think I’ll take photos of the leftovers tomorrow (then forget) etc etc…

I’ve been having some tummy troubles in recent times that seem to be getting worse and I’ve booked in to see a vegan dietitian in a few weeks. I’ll have to go on one of those four to six week low FODMAPs diets which I’m actually looking forward to because plenty of times I might be eating a meal, like at a restaurant, then by the time the meal is over my stomach has blown up to about four times its normal size and I can barely get in the car (and when I do, I need to unbutton my jeans and I swear it’s like an airbag just explodes everywhere). Not to mention other stuff. If I do Vegan Mofo I might have a vegan low FODMAPs diet as my theme. Not very exciting but I think it could be helpful to others! In the meantime though, I’m back to WFPB (whole foods plant based) as much as possible with lots of raw veggies and turning down offers of going places for lunch/dinner (which kinda sucks). And November is the month where lots of places seem to hold their vegan degustations like Maha *cry*  But I need to work out these health issues and try to lower my cholesterol even more.

Speaking of cholesterol, mine was super high before I was vegan. It was about 8.9 (which in Australia is really high and doctors tell you to take medication for it. I’m not sure how numbers work in other countries). Three years in to being vegan I had another blood test, all confident my cholesterol would have dropped way down. I was shocked to see it was about 8.8! Around that time I had read a comment by a vegan dietitian talking about the links between cholesterol in vegans and consumption of oils like olive oil and coconut oil. Also at that time I started a HCLF (high carb low fat) meal plan, and I had the absolute minimum amount of oil in my food after that, often no oil at all when I cooked at home. A year and a half or so later, my cholesterol dropped to 6.7. Which is still considered high, in fact my doctor said “we need to talk about your cholesterol” and when she told me the number I was really happy! After telling her how high it used to be, she was happy too. Having a vegan friendly doctor is such a relief. So that’s another goal for me, to get my cholesterol down even more to the recommended range of below 5.5.

Enough waffle (waaah WAFFLES!). One of my latest favourite cookbooks is Kristy Turner’s But I Could Never Go Vegan! which I borrowed from the library (but have ordered my own copy because it’s a great cookbook). This is the Red Velvet Beet Smoothie, minus the cashew cream topping:beet cacao smoothie

Another recipe from the cookbook is the Eggplant Meatball Sub. I loved the eggplant balls though I used quinoa instead of amaranth. Actually, I made this recipe before I started back on WFPB which is why there’s bread, but the eggplant balls and sauce are something I’d still have: eggplant meatball sub

Lunch pretty much looks like this now, a raw veggie bowl with some protein and a little avocado fat thrown in. Avocados are cheaper here now:healthy vegan bowl

Another veggie bowl lunch, same as above but with a garlic lemon zaatar dressing and a rice-lentil mix:zaatar veg bowl

Dinner is something like this, baked tofu with roast sweet potato and veggies. Token carrot there is a leftover from the day before:tofu veg healthy

Breakfast is always a smoothie. This one has some leftover broccoli, peas and carrot in it. With a banana and Prana On protein, you can’t tell (from the taste!) there’s veg:leftover veg smoothie

Last week I made a lentil veg curry and some green curry paste marinated tofu. The tofu was leftover from another meal so I just mixed it all up:lentil veg curry with tofu

…and I’ll finish up with snaps of one of my favourite places to be, Sydney Road in Brunswick.sydney road sydney road sydney roadsydney road

14 thoughts on “What I Ate Over The Past Month

  1. Yikes, sorry to hear about your cholesterol levels, genetics? My partner worries about his cholesterol and I always shrug it off with ‘You’re vegan, you don’t need to worry about that’ but your blood tests prove my assumptions wrong. Lucky to have a veg friendly physician though! I prescribe to a FODMAPS style diet so I’ll still enjoy your MoFo posts if your go that route 🙂

    • ha I’m glad a fodmaps theme would be useful then! My mum has high cholesterol and takes medication but her diet is heavy in olive oil (Greek!) and she doesn’t really buy in to the whole reduce your olive oil thing, despite me showing her my results and telling her the doctor and dietitian agree this is definitely a route to try!

  2. love your sydney road photos and your healthy meals – sorry that they are because you are having reactions to food but they look like the sort of meals that anyone would enjoy and feel healthy eating. Good luck with your health and finding good things to eat

    • thanks! I’m not so keen on plain raw veggies and mushrooms and have to retrain myself to love them again. Ha, I was eating a bowl the other day thinking about the noodle salad at Good Days and trying to convince myself it’s a mostly raw bowl despite the fried spring rolls. I’m craving it!

    • it sucks and oh my goodness The Snug Public House in St Kilda will be having an all vegan night soon and adding 35 vegan items to the menu and thennn rolling some more options out at Brunswick– I might have to miss it all!

  3. All the food looks delicious. I’m so sorry your tummy is still troubling you. I know how hard it is to really function properly when your digestive system is a mess. It’s kind of depressing too, huh? Treat yourself well. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll feel better soon. The cholesterol thing must be annoying because you eat so well. My husband has had some issues, despite eating better than probably 80% of the population. Genetics I think.

    • yep it’s frustrating! I hope I get some answers, though my special diet will come at the time when loads of places put on spring vegan degustations and such! Hope you and your husband are feeling much better 😀

  4. Sorry to hear about the tummy problems. I wonder if it is just too much oil? I mean, that is usually what makes eating out so delicious- all the oils they use. Or salt. Some chefs go nuts on salt.

    You could also try doing one of those sensitivity/allergy blood work tests. My boss use to have a lot of digestion issues, and got one of those tests done. Once she stopped eating the foods she tested positive for, she was free of many issues. She took again about four years later, and a lot of the foods changed. It could be something to consider or talk about with your dietician.

    • thanks! I’ve had blood tests and I’m going back to my doctor in a few days for some further investigation. It’s so frustrating but I’m hopeful about answers and really looking forward to seeing the dietitian and following a plan 😀 Looking at blogs/instagram gorgeous food pics is a bit of a trial right now 😉

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