What I Ate: The WFPB-OF Edition

So I haven’t been taking many photos for my weekly What I Ate series because I’ve mostly been eating the same stuff, thanks to preparing meals in advance to last me five days or so. And sometimes I’m all mehhh, I’ll take a photo tomorrow. Then I forget and before I know it that prepared meal has all finished and I’m left with no pictures.

I mentioned in my last What I Ate that I’ve been having some issues with food/stomach/etc and I’ve booked in to see a plant based dietitian next week. From now though, I am on my third day of 100% no oil/sugar/salt/nuts. I just feel like I need to get back to basics and start with a clean slate, so to speak, going in to the six week low FODMAPs diet.

I’ve signed up for Vegan Mofo this year, thinking my theme will be going on a vegan low FODMAPs diet and what I eat, how I feel and such. I hope it can be helpful to someone.

So in the past I have had super high cholesterol and when I cut out oils (or went very minimal oil) my cholesterol dropped significantly but it is still in the too-high range. And because I need to lose some weight, not the least to ease the pain from some injuries in my feet, that explains my no-oil decision. Ditto for nuts, though that’s more because of the fat content because really, I never ate two almonds and left it at that! So for the short term I’m doing this quite strict sounding stuff, but I’m definitely not ruling out going to restaurants like I’ve always done though I’m holding off on all that until next year.

Enough blah blah! So breakfast is either a smoothie with oats, banana and greens or porridge oats with banana and berries:ย fruit porridge

Lunch this week has been a brown rice-lentil mix with raw veg (kale, tomato, cauliflower, zucchini here) and Chef AJ’s Yummy Sauce which is made from a can of white beans, lemon, garlic and dates if you want it sweet:kale rice salad

Before lunch though, or in between breakfast and lunch, I have a bowl of veggies that include greens. Here are some no-oil roasted Brussels sprouts with plain lettuce and mini Roma tomatoes with a little drizzle of a fig balsamic vinegar I picked up from Coburg Farmers Market:bsprouts salad

Dinner has been Chef AJ’s red lentil chili (I added pumpkin and spinach to it) followed by the more satiating starchy veggies like potato or sweet potato. Before I eat this I have a bowl of cauliflower and broccoli to fill me up a bit, but also to help me get in some extra veggies for the day:

red lentil chili Chef AJ

I finally have my copy of the new Oh She Glows Every Day cookbook and made the green matcha mango smoothie:Oh She Glows Every Day matcha smoothie

After a few days of eating like this I’ve had zero bloating and I feel quite full. I’m still in that mindset where I feel a bit crappy that I’m eating Diet Food if you know what I mean. Looking at my Instagram and Facebook feeds is awful, seeing photos of coconut curries and raw caramel slices…! But I’m confident I’ll soon come to enjoy eating this way, particularly when I see and feel benefits. I definitely see myself eating WFPB-OF for the long term, whenever I prepare food for myself or go somewhere where I can take my own food, butย for now yeah, just trying to retrain myself. I can handle no oil or no added sugars but the no salt thing, yikes!!! That one is tough because the chili has loads of herbs and spices and flavour but no salt is really something I have to get used to!

This dietary change has nothing to do with being vegan– I am vegan for the animals first and foremost. So I don’t want anyone walking away from reading this thinking this is a ‘health vegan’ thing and that this is what vegans ‘should’ be doing, or worse, that I am saying this is how vegans should be eating. This is all purely for me to work out why I’m getting digestive discomfort lately!

12 thoughts on “What I Ate: The WFPB-OF Edition

  1. Your intake of vegies is amazing. And (albeit at 11pm at night after eating hot chips at home) has inspired me to up my game tomorrow with more vegetables. I, for one, know that you are vegan for the darling animals…This sounds like an amazing (though tough – yikes!) next little while (or for however long you want) for you…and I will look forward to reading as always.

    • thank you! Mmmmm chips, might have to bust out the air fryer because I love my chips! Previously I would stick my veggies in to smoothies because I find it a bit hard to eat big blobs of broccoli and cauli so all this veg in a bowl is taking some getting used to!

  2. I need more veg in my diet – am admiring of all the healthy meals – I don’t do this as my family would not eat this way but I guess I probably don’t want half the stuff they would like – good luck with feeling better and am pleased to hear you are doing vegan mofo – re your comment about this not being about being vegan, I think the other side of this is that you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy these healthy meals!

    • thanks! I’m definitely getting more in my diet now though I admit as we speak I am forcing down some steamed broccoli and cauli. Yeeechhh…

  3. These meals look tasty! I always find veggies so appealing and seeing them always makes me want to eat more. My diet used to be a lot more like this (though with the addition of toast and some homemade sweets every now and then) but the last 6 or so years of living with my boyfriend our diets have compromised. His to include more veg/salads and mine to include a lot more carbs as he’s a total carb fiend (of course he’s got super metabolism and is like a bean pole while I have to slog it out at the gym) though I’m working on trying to sway it a bit more towards my preferences ๐Ÿ˜‰ Glad to hear you’re doing MoFo! I still haven’t decided, I’ve been so lax with the blog lately that the idea frightens me a bit, though I love being involved. I haven’t done any planning though so I will be starting on the back foot if I do join! We’ll see…

  4. Best of luck with this, feeling the effects of satiation without bloating is a promising start. I love these pics, really want Brussels sprouts now! I’m trying to lower/be more mindful of my fruit/sugar intake so your FODMAPS plan will be really inspiring for me. Gotta pull out my old Monash Uni fodmaps guide and have a refresher look through it. I definitely feel better when I avoid certain starches like onions, garlic, apricots and apples ๐Ÿ™ even though I really like all those, I notice my digestive system freaks out. I could not give up on salt! In the past I’ve tried doing kelp or miso instead and it really doesn’t hit the mouth the way salt does ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I’m half tempted to start using salt again because I don’t plan on cutting it out permanently but I’ll stick it out for this short term as an experiment to see what will happen when I have some again ๐Ÿ™‚ There are some foods I really hope I don’t react to like soy, I can give up wheat or gluten but not my tofu!