What I Ate

I’m still sticking to (as close as possible) whole foods and after seeing a plant based dietitian, I’m following guidelines that allow me to get in all my nutritional goodness needs through whole foods, though I do take a B12 supplement. Lately I’m loving breakfast, which is porridge made with a banana, soy milk, chia seed (if I’m using steel cut oats I soak them in the soy milk overnight with the chia), then top it with fruit, walnuts and some seeds like hemp or pumpkin seed. This fills me up for hours:blueberry porridge

I saw a random YouTube video about making big size nori parcels. I had images of mine turning out just as pretty but my folding skills need a lot of work because they looked horrible and misshapen (conveniently not in the photo):big nori rolls

I bought some buckwheat pasta spirals from The Source Bulk Foods in Brunswick and made a quick bowl with mushroom, rocket, cherry tomato and sundried tomato with Italian herbs. We say rocket, other places say aragula. I think calling it rocket rocks, because of Def Leppard and all (and yes I break that song out when I prepare food with rocket, yeah-eh). Did you know Phil Collen from Def Leppard is vegan? And Rikki Rockett (another Rockett, yeah-eh!) of Poison fame is vegan too? Some silly trivia that will hopefully win you a random million bucks one day on a radio quiz:

buckwheat pasta

A ginger tofu orange salad with Healthy Stuff:tofu salad

So in my last What I Ate post I probably said something sanctimonious about how at home I’m (mostly) whole foods eatin’ without oil/salt/added sugars but that I wouldn’t apply that to going out once in a while because that would be utterly boring and tragical for me, as Anne Shirley would say. I had a voucher for a free burger from Lord of the Fries so I shared this one with family. It tasted good, as I think all LotF burgers do in that vegan fast food sense, but I think eating whole foods/SOS free now has kinda made me far more likely to feel a bit sick when I have something salty and greasy:lotf supreme

I’m still preparing meals in advance so I can always have something available but this was a day where I ran out of food and hadn’t prepared. I used the last of my oil free hummus with truss tomatoes and some zaatar mixed in. I couldn’t bring myself to cut up carrot sticks. I know I know, healthy beta carotene food and all. But eating carrot sticks makes me feel like I’m on a diet. Gross feedbag shot:

tomatoes hummus

And here’s the last of some red lentil smoky chili I made with some brown-red rice blend mixed in. AND A PHOTO BOMBER: cat photo bomb

I’ve just bought the Smith & Daughters new cookbook and have been holed up in the kitchen for the past 24 hours, so my next What I Ate will likely feature quite a bit of that!

16 thoughts on “What I Ate

  1. Bahaha, glad I scrolled through to the photobomber! I know what you mean about LOTF, I am a fan but I have to choose my order and portion size so carefully to avoid regrets.

  2. I get so excited when I learn about rock n roll stars (particularly in heavier genres πŸ˜‰ not that I consider DL & Poison very heavy at all) are vegan!! When my partner wakes up it’s the first thing I’m going to tell him! Best kitty photo bomb <3

  3. Cats are like kids – try to get them in a photo and they move away but try and do a photo without them and they are in like flynn! Very cute! I like the idea of porridge for breakfast but it is sweet like my muesli – I wish I had a good quick healthy savoury breakfast! Maybe I need rocket to get my going – ha ha (not as funny as your rocket talk but you have given me new appreciation for the name!). Lots of pretty food in your days!

  4. Best photobomb! Your nori rolls look pretty good to me….I’ve only ever done it once so I’m sure mine would be even more misshapen. I really should have another crack at it one day. I’m with you on LoTF too – it has the tendency to make me feel a bit yuck. I try to keep it to the occasional 2am after a gig on the way home – I think that is prime LoTF time for me.