Return Visits To Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop

Mister Nice Guy's Bake Shop

I’ve written about Mister Nice Guy’s before but it was way too long ago so the blog is in need of a little updating! I’d guess that most vegans in Melbourne know about Mister Nice Guy’s, but it’s always a top recommendation in vegan groups where people say they are new vegans and want to know what’s about, or when people are visiting Melbourne and asking for advice on where to go for vegan food. Personally I always recommend a visit to the bake shop.

The bake shop has introduced additional products over the past couple of years, like the brioche donut bronuts, savoury brioche rolls and monster shakes. The photos below span the last year or so. This is the salted caramel pretzelstein: Mister Nice Guy's Bake Shop

Cupcakes are always a hit with the fam. The pic at the top of this post is a peanut butter chocolate. My favourite of the sweet goods would have to be the bronuts, I never thought anything would top the cinnamon buns (well, maybe the lemon buns) but the bronuts, especially the peanut butter one I tried that was a filled donut, are excellent: Mister Nice Guy's Bake Shop

There are lots of savoury items too. Sausage rolls, pretzel dogs, Coney Island chilli dog, meatballs subs, different types of brioche bun fillings such as chickpea tuna and turkey cranberry, bagels like BLT and curried egg salad and more. The sweet treats include the cheesecakes (often gluten free), whole cakes or slices of cake (GF options here too), cupcakes (with lots of GF varieties, as well as a low FODMAP flavour though I don’t know if that’s daily), danishes, Polish babkas, GF walnut banana bread, GF brownies, ring donuts, buns, scrolls, GF mini donuts, donut holes… so much great stuff. Mister Nice Guy's Bake Shop

Mister Nice Guy’s remains at the top of my family’s list of favourite places to eat. My son has been a fan of the cinnamon buns since we first started going to the bake shop and I don’t see that changing any time soon (in fact he once asked for a giant cake sized cinnamon bun to serve as a birthday cake). I like trying something different every time, but the brioche sandwiches are probably my more recent favourites though the curry katsu roll I had once was really good. The brioche sandwiches are very filling, with the brioche being a little sweeter than regular bread but for me it works well, I can only finish half then leave the rest for the sandwich press another time.Mister Nice Guy's Bake Shop

Mister Nice Guy’s is well known in the vegan community and the bake shop opened around 2010, though there were market stalls before that. If you’re visiting Melbourne, consider making time to take a trip to the bake shop! You can catch the 57 or 82 tram, or take the train and get off at Ascot Vale train station. Tram 57 goes along Union Road and tram 82 is a short walk away. The 472 bus isn’t far away either.
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16 thoughts on “Return Visits To Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop

  1. Beautiful photos – I would probably be there far more often it is was more in the areas I visit but you make me feel it is time for a return visit – I still fondly remember our cheeseymite scroll we had a couple of years ago there and I need to try more of the cupcakes!

    • they’re really great, and and if you ask for something they’ll likely do it for you. One time years ago some Prince fans asked for a purple/Prince themed cupcake and the bake shop made a whole variety 🙂

  2. One day I want to try one of their shakes, but I always get too done by the baked goods to give them a go. I’ve only been a couple of times and always get overwhelmed by what to choose! I like the bronuts but am not such a fan of the savoury brioche – I had a savoury scroll and it was oddly sweet.

    • I’m not really in to shakes as they’re always too sweet for me, this was sweet but it was one of those warm days where I dressed for cold weather so having a colder drink was a relief. I can only eat half a brioche bun/sandwich at a time, because it’s both filling and a bit sweet for me but I like them reheated in my sandwich press 😀

  3. You should check out the Cake Collective in Moonee Ponds. I don’t think their shop front is open yet but they deliver some delicious cakes via uber eats.

    • I think it takes maybe 40 minutes from the city by tram, not too sure. Train might be quicker though (Crumbs is across the road too) 🙂

  4. I went to Mister Nice Guys on Saturday in search of a cheesymite scroll…I had been to Smith & Deli earlier but they were scroll-less! The scroll at Mister Nice Guys is totally sweet…it doesn’t quite work (for me anyway) given it’s savoury with cheese and vegemite. I was so sad! Lovely staff though.

    • oooh I never ate cheesymite (vegemite, urgh) but no I don’t like sweet buns for savoury stuff either!