Lunch At Juanita’s Kitchen In Preston

Juanita's Kitchen Preston

I first blogged about Juanita’s Kitchen back in August 2015. Like so many other places I’ve been to, I plan to go back soon after but it ends up being a long, long time later. This time, I met up with Rosalie from Quinces and Kale and Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe on one of those Melbourne spring days that is actually a spring day (where we had the heater on two days before because it was freezing at home).

Juanita’s Kitchen has been changed slightly since my last visit, with some benches added along the window. The space is still nice and light, with great photography and art work displays plus Juanita’s take-home products in the shelves.

Juanita's Kitchen Preston

I rarely buy drinks when I go out to eat and just stick to water, but there were too many nice looking chai based drinks on the menu to pass up. I ended up getting the soy option of the iced chai delight ($6.00). This had quite a chilli kick and was perfect for me because it wasn’t very sweet. Juanita said the coconut milk version looks prettier, but I was in more of a soy mood.Juanita's Kitchen Preston

There are lots of vegan options to choose from. Rosalie got the vegan breaky bake ($11, add vegan chorizo $12) and I took a poorly focused photo:Juanita's Kitchen Preston

For me it was tough deciding what to get but when I see peanut anything on a menu that’s often my first choice. Plus I’ve been a bit slack with eating lots of veggies lately so the Mafe ($12.50) stood out. The menu says Mafe is a popular Senegalese dish and the cafe serves it with seasonal vegetables on cous cous, though I was also offered rice. My meal was loaded with carrot, zucchini and cabbage so I felt quite virtuous about eating a whole lot of veg.Juanita's Kitchen Preston

Johanna’s vegetarian meal looked quite filling and she confirmed it was!

We’d decided to skip sharing dips/starters and instead leave room for dessert. The salted caramel cheesecake ($5.00) was really nice, described on the menu as being made with a cacao nut base with a sugar free caramel filling. It was topped with toasted almonds, rice malt syrup and chocolate shards:Juanita's Kitchen Preston

I also ordered the raw peanut butter cup ($2.50) which was lovely. Juanita gave us a piece of the beetroot brownie which was very nice, not too sweet:Juanita's Kitchen Preston

There are lots of good looking vegan options to choose from both on the menu and in the displays. Juanita also sells lots of house made products such as cooking/simmer sauces, chai blends, tea blends, salsas, smoothie mixes and marinades, all influenced by the cuisines of Mexico and West Africa. These can be found at markets too where Juanita’s Kitchen has a stall. I’ve tried quite a few products in the past and ended up buying more to give as gifts.

There are also Taco Nights held regularly (you need to book in), with details posted to the Juanita’s Kitchen Facebook page. I hope to make it to one soon 🙂

Juanita’s Kitchen

219 High Street


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  1. Your photos look really good – it was a lovely meal but I was so full. Your meal did look full of vegies but I was impressed by the salad that I got alongside my meal and Rosalie’s too. I’d love to get along for one of the taco nights but booking means I would have to get organised!